Wrapping Paper Magic!

Hello my lovelies!

Today’s a big DIY day. I picked up some really lovely wrapping paper shortly after Christmas. Even though this paper wasn’t at all Christmas-y stores were getting rid of it all so I scored! Now I know that typically the only thing we use wrapping paper for is to wrap presents but since I had way too much on hand I thought I’d come up with some new uses!

1) As a shelf liner!

I used the silver chevron roll to line my jewelry dresser. It covered up some scuffs and added a lot of fun!

wrapping paper as shelf liner @splattershare

2) A beautiful canister!

I love coffee canisters and I think they make gorgeous containers. The striped wrapping paper made it super easy to wrap the can accurately.

wrapping paper wrapped coffee can @splattershare

3) Decorate for Valentines Day

Paper bags are easily manipulated into awesome little storage containers. Cut the bag in half and wrap the bottom portion. Place the top portion back in and merge the two with glue or staples. This is a super cute little box you can use to gift Valentine’s Day goodies – Think candles, chocolates etc. and you got yourself the perfect gift basket, hand made all the way!

silver wrapping paper box

4) Greeting cards!

Use beautiful wrapping paper to decorate hand made cards – for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.  If you’re looking for a last minute card and have an old file folder on hand you can wrap it all around in lieu of card stock.

happy valentines day card@splattersharexoxo valentines day card@splattershare

 The Storage

Alright so if you’ve picked up a bunch of wrapping paper like I did, where do you store it? A fantastic way is to use tall bottle gift bags.  Since they’re tall they can support the rolls upright, and you can easily fit 4 in one bag.

wrapping paper storage

Enjoy crafting and getting ready for Valentine’s Day!


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