Women’s bodies… is there a spectrum?

Let me get right into it. Why is it that there are only 2 body types displayed in fashion? Thin and Plus size. As fantastic as it is that in recent years more plus size bloggers have been coming to prominence, and magazines have been dedicating sections, or pages to plus size models, why are we segregating these women? Why does one need to feel isolated, or like ‘the other’? Are you seriously telling me that 100% of women fall either on the tall-and-thin or tall-and-‘plus size’ ends. There is no spectrum? Why do plus size women need a section in a magazine? Why can’t we just have a mix of different women all throughout the magazine?

I understand that there is a standard in the fashion industry, and models have to be ‘Paris thin’. Whether I agree with that or not is a topic for another day. And while that’s the standard for runway shows it is not the case in real life. I know women who are short, tall, very thin, average, bigger, etc. All shapes and size. I’m sure you do too. So why is the industry so rigid?

When I look at a runway show, those clothes will never look on me the way they do on the models. Maybe I’m not the target audience? Maybe only thin tall people like fashion. But I doubt that. I am short – I am 5″2 and a Canadian size 4. I don’t look like a prepubescent boy. I have curves. Every time I see a show, or a new trend, or see beautiful clothes in a magazine, I think about how they will look on me. Will the length be too long and make me look stout? Will the waist-line fall on my waist, or will it accentuate the widest part of me – my hips? Will the shift dress do anything for my body? I’m sure you’re familiar with the process, but might have different specifications you consider.

All I’m saying is, I would love to look at a magazine and see someone who looks like me. Who looks like you. Who looks like someone I know. And yes, I’m sure there are naturally tall and thin women out there, and that’s fine. Include that body type as well. Why should anyone or any body type be excluded? Why should women even be grouped into a ‘plus size’. It’s a different size, and it’s bigger than a zero or even an 8, but that’s OK. Believe me, seeing ‘plus size’ women throughout the magazine will not hurt our eyes. All women are beautiful, and we should respect that. I don’t see a reason not to include our beautiful differences. So fashion editors, please at least consider mixing it up.

Just a post for thought…


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