Why the Beginning of winter is just…awful!

Every year when fall begins to arrive I look outside and start day dreaming about all of the outfits I’m going to pull together. I start planning beautiful walks in the park surrounded by the changing foliage, sporting a boots-sweater-scarf combo in beautiful deep hues. I bust out my sweaters, put away beachwear, do a mini overhaul in the process and excitedly await my opportunity to get out there and enjoy. But before I have the chance to soak in the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and light sunshine, I find myself miserably crawling along the highway cursing winter driving. Fall is just a prelude for the wrath of winter which inevitably creeps up on us far too quickly. One day you’re debating which fall boots to wear, and the next you’re cleaning snow off your car! While I’m definitely thankful that I’m not in Buffalo right now, I feel like I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to fall. It came and went so fast. I’m sorry if I’m not my usual optimistic self, but a girl’s gotta rant!

Now that winter is here I feel confused and unprepared. Quite frankly I’m excited for weekends during winter – cool walks in my awesome new boots, snow tubing, skiing, and playing in the snow. But weekdays are a whole different beast, especially if you’re getting dressed for work:

  1. I don’t like the idea of indoor and outdoor shoes

This of course is not mandated by any means but only makes sense because walking from your car to the office in high heels sucks. It’s cold and it’s slippery.

  1. You need to wear pantyhose under skirts and dresses

Again, no one says you have to but it will be damn cold if you don’t. The problem with that is if you forget to apply moisturizer…oh man. You’ll be walking around scratching yourself like you’ve got flees. So, if you want to survive winter don’t forget to moisturize!

  1. When you actually get to work after a brutal commute good luck parking! 

The parking lot is no longer divided into spots but is just a big field of snow banks and flatter areas. There are significantly less spots in the parking lot, so get those outdoor shoes ready and prepare for a hike.

  1. Your car is always ALWAYS filthy!

Unless you’re at the carwash your car is covered in dirt and you have to ninja yourself out of it without touching anything. If you’re carrying anything more than a purse this becomes an even more challenging task

Every year it takes some getting used to but we do it. Probably because Christmas, shopping, and family time is just around the corner 🙂


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