Why Be Mundane? A Non-Mundane #OOTD

I used to be jealous of the girls that I thought always looked put together, because I never did look like that. For some reason to me put together meant monochromatic and safe. The wonderful thing about getting older is you realize you don’t have to look like anyone else, and the reason I never looked ‘put together’ is because I had a different style. I too like to look good (who doesn’t?) but looking good is equivalent to feeling good, and I feel good in clothes that represent me. I love colours and patterns, and mixing all things fun. I’m not whack (or at least I don’t think?) but I certainly don’t shy away from unique combos.

So here is the outfit of the day:

I’m wearing my Ann Taylor black skirt with leather detailing (leather has been everywhere this season!), paired with a red blouse. Red and black is a pretty classic combination right? Of course it is, so why stop there! I then added a green & white scarf, and a patterned cardigan to finish off the look.

Why does it work? Or does it?

Red and green are complementary colours so they should in theory look good.

Tip: do be careful with the shades you choose. You can look like Christmas if you mix a forest green with red.

Beige, although here it is patterned, is a neutral and the hue of beige I’m wearing is in the same colour family as the scarf – tying it together. So in actuality, and in a way all its own this outfit actually makes sense!

The pink phone case is out of place, I’ll give you that.

@splattershare black Ann Taylor Skirt, Red Ricki's blouse, vintage scarf + BR Cardigan

Skirt: Ann Taylor

Top: Ricki’s

Cardigan: Banana Republic

Pumps: Zalin

Scarf: It just appeared in my closet



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