Weekend Makeup!

The awesome thing about weekends is you can let loose! You don’t have to look corporate and mundane. You can experiment with colour and do whatever makes you feel good! You want to try out new shadows? Eyeliner? Different colour lipstick? Go for it!

Here’s a bit on inspo to get you started:

What I used:

smokey eye and pink lip @splattershare.

To create this look I started with a primer & foundation combo. I didn’t apply bronzer like I usually do because I wanted to stay with the pinks, and apply a cozy pink blush, and light pink lip-gloss.


I started by filling in my brows (a must with any look!), followed by the super light creamy shadow you see above applied in the corner of my eyes. Next I blended in a medium beige (above) all over my lid, and finally I added depth using the dark brown shadow in this quad.

If I’m going to use eyeliner in a look I tend to apply it after eye shadow in order for it to remain sharp and defined, which is exactly what I did here. I find that it’s really hard to get right to the bottom of your lashes with mascara, which is why liquid eye liner is such a life saver. You can just paint over that lash-line and you’re golden! I used my fave liquid eyeliner – Annabelle Liquid Eyeliner, and of course mascara was the finishing touch!

And that’s it! Super simple & fun. You can try this look with different colour pallets using the lightest shade in the corner of your eye (you can also apply it under your brows if it’s not too shimmery), medium shade across the lid, and a darker one in the crease.

The result: (My hair is in a laissez-faire bun…don’t judge me!)

smokey eye and pink lip (2)

Have fun and have a wonderful weekend lovelies!



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