Upgraded Sock Bun!

Sock buns are awesome!! If you’ve never made one check out the tutorial here.

They immediately add volume to your hair and make a regular bun look so much more substantial! They also make it look like you know what you’re doing and were able to gather your hair into an impossibly neat, ballerina worthy, bun.  With that being said, here’s a fun twist on a style that’s quickly become a new favorite!

1. Separate your hair into 2 sections – top and bottom. Braid the bottom, and secure the top in a ponytail.




2.  Create a sock bun with the top sections, and merge the bottom at the point that makes the most sense to you!

You can merge the two sections first and then proceed with the bun. For me, the easier was to create the bun with only the top section first, and pin the brain right around it.

Step 2 - upgraded sock bun

Almost like a regular sock bun…but a little more special!

Try also Pink Pewter hair jewelry which adds sparkle and pizzazz to any hairstyle!!

Hope you enjoyed this super simple pictorial and were inspired to play up some old favorites!

Have a super awesome week lovelies!


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