Trying New Things! – The Gun Range

I’m normally pretty girly but I also love to try new things! Be it new products, new foods, or a new activity I’m usually game.

skydiving 3 @splattershare

Skydiving? Of course! Let’s do it!

This weekend I tried something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – shooting! We went to a gun range in Brantford (West of Toronto… WAY WEST). A word of caution if you’re trying to book for a Saturday keep in mind that it’s the busiest day so you’ll have to book way in advance. If you’re heading down on a weeknight, which is what we did, give yourself time to battle 401 traffic. When you finally make it there, it’s going to feel like you’ve reached the end of the world, but as soon as you step inside you’ll find the guys working there to be very friendly and welcoming.  I had no idea what to expect so I thought I would at least try to look the part. Here’s the look:

my look at the gun range2 @splattershare

Pant: J.Crew

Button Up: GUESS

We got to shoot a hand gun, a rifle, and a shot gun. Let me tell you, it’s much scarier than you would think. I know it’s a controlled environment and you’re aiming at a piece of paper but holding a weapon in your hands is a scary feeling. I was very afraid of the recoil, but obviously they know what they’re doing and let you shoot what they feel you can handle.

That’s another thing I can cross off my list now. I hope I can have more posts like this as I try more new things!



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