The Polarizing Crop Top

At first I really wasn’t excited about the fashion this season had to offer. All I kept seeing everywhere were teeny tiny shorts featuring butt cheeks, worn with crop tops featuring a helluva lot of skin. No good. Now, maybe I’m old (ahem, I’m in my mid twenties) but that much skin just doesn’t seem appropriate. If you’re at the beach sure! In the city? No. Why would you want to? I’ve been finding this trend to be especially prevalent with teens and preteens. Is “You’re not leaving the house in that” not an acceptable thing to say anymore? Are kids ruling their parents these days, and not the other way around? Anyway, I digress, let’s talk fashion.

I seriously don’t see a valid reason to show off your entire body at the same time. If you love your body that’s wonderful. You should also respect it. Consider picking one body part you want to feature and only show IT off. If you love your legs and want to wear a mini, or tiny-ass short, cool – but pair it with a T-shirt not a crop top.

If it’s your stomach you love and want to pull off a crop top there are classy ways of doing so. Check out how Jessica Alba wore hers:

Jessica AlbaRule of Thumb: If I see your crop top/bralet I don’t want to see your belly button.

Another wonderful way to rock a crop top is with a maxi skirt, or a high waisted skirt. Personally I wouldn’t attempt a crop top and a high waisted pant because it widens your hips, but if that’s not a concern go for that too! Here’s my take on it:

Summer outfit: The Polarizing Crop Top & floral skirt @splattershare Summer outfit: The Polarizing Crop Top & floral skirt @splattershare Summer outfit: The Polarizing Crop Top & floral skirt @splattershare

After realizing that there are ample ways to rock the summer essentials, I’ve opened my eyes to other trends surrounding us as well. Look for upcoming posts featuring Pattern mixing, Chevron, Chambray, White Flowy Blouses, and Pastels


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