12 Lessons learned from Lisa Eldridge

12 Lessons learned from Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist extraordinaire, has worked with every A-list celebrity under the sun, and makes the most useful and beautiful makeup up tutorials. As of recently she is also the creative director of Lancôme make-up. I really don’t know how she does it all, but lucky for us she continues to create YouTube videos for us common folk and I want to mention a few of the things I’ve learned from my makeup idol.

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Perfect Christmas Gift for Large Groups!

Chriistmas Gift Baskets By Splattershare

Christmas is such a wonderfully festive time! Certainly not a time to be stressed out. I know it may seem like there’s a lot to do – dinners, holiday parties, gifts for family, friends, co-workers, prepping the home, decorating etc.

But just remember that those things should be FUN, no one is (I hope) forcing you to do any of it. It’s up to you to choose what to partake in.  Now, if you do choose to participate and plan on gifting to large crowds, let me make your life easier by introducing 2 words – GIFT BASKETS.

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10 things not to splurge on

10 things not to splurge on

Let me share with you a list of 10 things that are just not worth the splurge. These savings certainly accumulate and become quite significant over time.

1. Tickets

Who doesn’t love a good night out? Maybe to the theater or a concert, perhaps even the movies. Let me tell you something, there are so many promo codes out there that I feel bad for anyone paying full price. Keep an eye out for these deals, often you’ll find them on group buying sites such as Groupon, Team Buy, Deal Find, Wag Jag, Living Social, etc. Tickets get cheaper towards the end of a run which can be a great time to score some deals too. In some cases you can find tickets up to 40% off the original price.

2. Garbage Bags

As environmentally conscious as I am, and as much as I try to always have reusable grocery bags with me, somehow I still end up with tons of plastic bags. I find solace in the fact that these seemingly useless plastic bags become my garbage bags, thus saving me from ever having to buy them.

3. + 4. Birthday Cards + Gift Bags

Personally I enjoy making cards for my loved ones, but I’m not suggesting that as a way to save money. In fact, if you factor in opportunity cost hand-made cards are considerably more expensive. What I am going to propose is a trip to the dollar store. I never understood what made a $5 bag better than the one that looks identical to it but cost $1.

When it comes to cards I find that a lot of people don’t really care or appreciate a store-bought card anyway. They will read it, remove the money if it contains any, and the card will find its way to the garbage shortly after. Spend the $7 if you please, but the dollar store does the trick just fine.

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Vegas Challenge Baby!

Vegas Challenge Baby!

Hi Lovelies!

Today is all about Vegas & the #UltimateVegasOutfit challenge! To me, this is an opportunity to play virtual dress up, and reminisce about my own trip to Vegas.  I went to Vegas last year, and the city is as diverse as it is bright! So the Ultimate Vegas Outfit is one that makes you feel comfortable, and confident – whatever that might be. For me it was a purple Le Chateau dress that hit just above the knee, paired with a damask-like necklace and sky high heels to match. The dress was covered yet tight so basically appropriate for any occasion – show, restaurant, wedding. Read more

The Perfect Natural Makeup Look!

The Perfect Natural Makeup Look!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re having a great week so far!

With the warm sunny weather rolling around, I thought I’d show a natural and sun kissed look perfect for summer!

This look is very versatile and you can play it up or down as you wish.

Natural makeup!

1) Foundation

I find that the canvas makes all the difference. Even if you do nothing else, just by applying foundation you’ll look more polished and put together. Read more

A Tough Neutral

A Tough Neutral

First of all, sorry about the little break in posts! I’ve been traveling and will be sharing some pictures soon! Now back to business…

Black Pants. Weren’t we always told that everything goes with black? Black is a neutral and you just can’t go wrong. Just like a LBD is a life saver, I thought that was the job of black pants too. Nope.

Black pants are like a negative space. Might as well be a hole. I’m sure you’ve noticed that recently we’ve moved away from classic bottoms and into colourful and/or patterned pants. As well, we’ve been moving away from the straight leg, and into the skinny & cropped.

But since we all still have a pair of black pants in our closets let’s talk about ways to pull them off. If done right they can look stellar!

The solution:

The problem with black pants is that they don’t provide enough visual interest so you should compensate in other areas: a fun top, funky jewelry, a colourful shoe or bag etc. You can play it up and it won’t be too much.


1. Contrast! Avoid pairing black pants with a boring neutral top. To brighten up your outfit try either a light or a bright top. White always looks fantastic, especially with some interesting jewelry.

tough neutral @splattershare

2. Structure! If you’re trying to pull off a straight leg pant I suggest to go for a more fitted top to create a more put together look.

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Skirts that don’t work for girls with hips! True story.

Skirts that don’t work for girls with hips! True story.

First of all, let me tell you that I know first hand what it’s like being short and having hips…I’m 5″2. Oh yes.

While there are many advantages to being short and having a feminine figure, there are a few drawbacks. Which really aren’t drawbacks but just a few styles to avoid as not to take away from our adorableness.

Here are a few skirt styles which I find completely unflattering:

Pleated skirts: As if we needed more bulkiness on our hips! This is cute on skinny girls with more athletic or boyish figures as it adds curves and femininity. On me however it’s unnecessary volume at the worst place!

Image    82249d604f5dcfbdc6789405ef40d5c4    ce541f5d91de5da234b7b4fe039c2924

A-line Skirt (Especially if you’re short): Good in theory not so much in practice. It could work if you have the height to pull it off, otherwise once again this will add volume in unwanted places. Unless of course you’re Carrie Bradshaw… then anything goes. But then you run into your ex-lover and bad shit happens…so… suit yourself.

Image   Image    Image


High waisted pleated skirts: This is probably the worst if you’re bottom heavy. you’re cinching at you’re narrowest part, which is always cute, but then you’re sending the skirt outwards in all 360 degrees to accentuate your bottom. Why? If however, you have big hips but skinny legs, this look could be cute. I do find that it’s a younger look and becomes harder to pull off as you get older anyway.

Image   1d41f7424eda90c2dae59e93cb870c13   ca5ac83c5fe89db797eaf5c7685d6d76

Most importantly ladies, remember that this is based on ME and what I found works and doesn’t. If there’s a style you love and it makes you happy, screw everyone else! Go for it and flaunt it!


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