Botties Booties Booties!!

Botties Booties Booties!!

 I have some majorly exciting news to share!!!

As you know, I’ve been partnering up with Malu to bring you giveaways here on the blog. Throughout our collaboration I had the privilege to get to know Malu and am proud to call her a good friend.

Malu is so wonderful and kind that she created a custom pair of booties just for me! If that wasn’t enough, these babies are part on the Fall/Winter collection, and ARE NAMED AFTER ME! That’s right, the Fanny can be all yours this fall! I have to tell you that not only are these booties unique – with their cutout design, and extremely high quality – high end Italian leather, they are also comfortable and well thought out. The heel is thick enough to allow you to rock it all day long. Not only that, but the grip is superb, so I wouldn’t even hesitate to wear them in the winter (with tights). In true Malu fashion, there is of course a touch of kindness, via a gold plated “I love you” message. And I certainly am in love with these shoes!

Fanny booties by malu

Here are a few outfits I’ve styled with these awesome Fanny booties by Malu: Read more

3 Steps to Mixing Patterns

3 Steps to Mixing Patterns

Yes yes yes! This season is great! This is so revolutionary! When else in recent fashion history has there been another such exciting development which lifted a fashion ban on something previously thought of as a completely taboo? I absolutely love that this season has brought us the new trend of mixing prints & patterns!

Mind you, I don’t like ALL mixed patterned outfits, but you know my rule: if your hair and make up are done and you wear the look with confidence, you can rock it!

Here is what I found to work best when attempting this radical pairing:

1. Stripe + Print + statement necklace.

This formula will save you time! Go ahead and mix other prints, but stripes are easiest of all to match with other prints & patterns. A statement necklace works to pull your outfit together, and in and of itself has been a huge trend over the last year. Read more

Emma Watson is 25!! & Always Best Dressed!

Emma Watson is 25!! & Always Best Dressed!

It’s hard to believe that the birthday girl, Emma Watson, is turning only 25!

Here’s a look at why we love, adore, and look up to Emma so much!


In her quarter century of awesomeness she’s certainly achieved a lot, and earned a whole bunch of awards along the way.  In December of 2014 receiving the British Style Icon Award at the British Fashion Awards (well deserved!).

 Emma Watson British Fashion Awards

Read more

The Beautiful Heart of MaLu

The Beautiful Heart of MaLu

As seen in POP News Magazine‘s March edition:

It’s not every day the words inspiring, ‎stylish, innovative, and beautiful are used together, but that exactly what comes to mind when I think of Maria Luisa – founder of MaLu.

Maria is a high school teacher with a passion for community and humanity. Having seen first hand some of her students come to school hungry, she knew that it was no way to learn and she just had to do something about it. She started the “Start Me Up” breakfast program in her school. The program began with $500 and many local businesses eager to help, and grew to become the model school for the Toronto District School Board’s nutrition program, and resulting in a $100K grant from Sun Life Financial to help expand it.

Unfortunately the school where this initiative began had to close, which was “detrimental” since there was more work to be done. Not one to wallow, Maria took her passion and energy and devoted it wholeheartedly to MaLu where she continues to make a difference by donating 5% of all sales to local charities. Read more

Headband Series #3 A Lovely Romantic Bun

Headband Series #3 A Lovely Romantic Bun

Hello loves! It’s day 3 of Headband Series. In case you missed the other 2 you can check them them out here and here.

Today I have another beautiful Pink Pewter Headband perfect for your hump day! This one is so ornate and festive it makes me think of weddings, sophistication, and of course the floral motif is very reminiscent of glamorous vintage. Here it is:

white jewles pink pewter @splattershare

 Beautiful, right?! 

So how do you wear something so fancy? Well there’s really no need to be fussy. Effortless but put-together is the name of the game. A simple romantic bun looks beautifully and flirty and takes no time to achieve.

The Steps: Read more

New Year’s Eve Weddington Wedding Challenge!

New Year’s Eve Weddington Wedding Challenge!

Challenge accepted Weddington Way!

The challenge? Create the perfect look for a New Year’s Eve wedding! The biggest hurdle here was narrowing down the choices since there are as many possibilities as there are colours!

Whether you’re planning a party or a wedding and looking for a dress for your bridal party, Weddington Way is a great place to start. Unlike retail stores Weddington Way lets you customize your dress(es) meaning each bridesmaid will end up with the perfect dress. Sure you can do that in specialty bridal boutiques as well, but the price difference is huge! Weddington way lets you customize your dress based on colour, theme, style, length etc. AND is very reasonably priced. You`re sure to find something you and your entire bridal party will like.

I had a hard time narrowing down the selection but here are my top 5 looks. You can view my entire inspiration board here on my Pinterest page.

1. Red & Gold

Red and gold are always a classic party look! I find this particular dress both sexy and elegant and definitely a classic for years to come. Have fun with your accessories – stick to a theme but everything doesn’t have to match!

red and gold new years wedding wedding @splattershare

2. Classic Audrey  Read more

Fashion Week – the Good the Bad and the Bullshit

Fashion Week – the Good the Bad and the Bullshit

With New York and London Fashions weeks behind us, and Milan fashion week in full swing I think it’s time I share my 2 cents. Although I wasn’t actually there, thanks to the internet I sure feel like I was!

Let’s start with the bullshit:

Have you seen this video??


Read more

Skirts that don’t work for girls with hips! True story.

Skirts that don’t work for girls with hips! True story.

First of all, let me tell you that I know first hand what it’s like being short and having hips…I’m 5″2. Oh yes.

While there are many advantages to being short and having a feminine figure, there are a few drawbacks. Which really aren’t drawbacks but just a few styles to avoid as not to take away from our adorableness.

Here are a few skirt styles which I find completely unflattering:

Pleated skirts: As if we needed more bulkiness on our hips! This is cute on skinny girls with more athletic or boyish figures as it adds curves and femininity. On me however it’s unnecessary volume at the worst place!

Image    82249d604f5dcfbdc6789405ef40d5c4    ce541f5d91de5da234b7b4fe039c2924

A-line Skirt (Especially if you’re short): Good in theory not so much in practice. It could work if you have the height to pull it off, otherwise once again this will add volume in unwanted places. Unless of course you’re Carrie Bradshaw… then anything goes. But then you run into your ex-lover and bad shit happens…so… suit yourself.

Image   Image    Image


High waisted pleated skirts: This is probably the worst if you’re bottom heavy. you’re cinching at you’re narrowest part, which is always cute, but then you’re sending the skirt outwards in all 360 degrees to accentuate your bottom. Why? If however, you have big hips but skinny legs, this look could be cute. I do find that it’s a younger look and becomes harder to pull off as you get older anyway.

Image   1d41f7424eda90c2dae59e93cb870c13   ca5ac83c5fe89db797eaf5c7685d6d76

Most importantly ladies, remember that this is based on ME and what I found works and doesn’t. If there’s a style you love and it makes you happy, screw everyone else! Go for it and flaunt it!


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Must Know Fashion Vocab – C

Must Know Fashion Vocab – C

Here are a few terms to enhance your already awesome fashion vocab:

Chambray: In laymen’s terms it’s a cotton or linen fabric that looks like denim!

Here’s an article from Elle Magazine showcasing some more examples:

Chambray @splattershare

Chevron: it’s a pattern. No use of me explaining, just check out the pictures below. I think chevron maxi skirts are straight up adorable!

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