5 Work Wardrobe Essentials

5 Work Wardrobe Essentials

Looking cute is a must, but dressing appropriately is paramount! Since Monday to Friday mornings usually consist of attempting to look adorable while pulling something from your closet with your eyes still half shut, anything to calm us down and reclaim some time in the morning is certainly welcome! I find that having an organized work wardrobe is just the ticket! You want to make sure that your pieces are interesting and reflect your personality, but versatile and can be mix-and-matched at the same time.

1. Invest in versatile dresses

Dresses that can go from season to season with the simple addition of a cardigan are a great investment since you’ll get the most use out of them. Pretty much as long as the fabric isn’t too thin and summery you’re good to go!

I definitely have a thing for damask and jacquard as you can tell! Blazer by Darling  Read more

What to wear to work tomorrow – fall transition!

What to wear to work tomorrow – fall transition!

Ah it’s this white skirt again! Told ya it’s versatile! From summer crop top fun to fall work wear this skirt can be paired with pretty much anything. And yes, I totally am wearing two florals – mind you one’s a finer print, and the other is more sparse.

The sweater I’m wearing is from LOFT and I love the detailing along the front and shoulders. It makes it a little more unique than a regular vneck.

Although I’m wearing many different colours they are all within the same colour pallet, thus making it easier to create a cohesive look!

Gotta love mixing prints, fun colours, and textures!

What to wear to work tomorrow - fall transition! @splattershare

Skirt: FCUK

Sweater: LOFT

Ring: Vintage


What to wear to work tomorrow – #OOTD

What to wear to work tomorrow  – #OOTD

Here’s a little outfit inspiration!

Fall is the best because you can wear anything from any season with just a bit of layering. Here in Toronto it’s long sleeve weather. No need to bust out the bulky sweaters just yet (well there were a few days but we won’t talk about that). It is however the perfect time to start flaunting fall colours!]

I love deep rich hues, and everything leopard… but that’s a different post.

magenta skirt and green earings -What to wear to work tomorrow  - #OOTD @splattershare

Top: Smart Set

Skirt: Ricki’s

Shoes: Zalin

Earrings: Vintage Bracelet: Tiffany’s


Skirts that don’t work for girls with hips! True story.

Skirts that don’t work for girls with hips! True story.

First of all, let me tell you that I know first hand what it’s like being short and having hips…I’m 5″2. Oh yes.

While there are many advantages to being short and having a feminine figure, there are a few drawbacks. Which really aren’t drawbacks but just a few styles to avoid as not to take away from our adorableness.

Here are a few skirt styles which I find completely unflattering:

Pleated skirts: As if we needed more bulkiness on our hips! This is cute on skinny girls with more athletic or boyish figures as it adds curves and femininity. On me however it’s unnecessary volume at the worst place!

Image    82249d604f5dcfbdc6789405ef40d5c4    ce541f5d91de5da234b7b4fe039c2924

A-line Skirt (Especially if you’re short): Good in theory not so much in practice. It could work if you have the height to pull it off, otherwise once again this will add volume in unwanted places. Unless of course you’re Carrie Bradshaw… then anything goes. But then you run into your ex-lover and bad shit happens…so… suit yourself.

Image   Image    Image


High waisted pleated skirts: This is probably the worst if you’re bottom heavy. you’re cinching at you’re narrowest part, which is always cute, but then you’re sending the skirt outwards in all 360 degrees to accentuate your bottom. Why? If however, you have big hips but skinny legs, this look could be cute. I do find that it’s a younger look and becomes harder to pull off as you get older anyway.

Image   1d41f7424eda90c2dae59e93cb870c13   ca5ac83c5fe89db797eaf5c7685d6d76

Most importantly ladies, remember that this is based on ME and what I found works and doesn’t. If there’s a style you love and it makes you happy, screw everyone else! Go for it and flaunt it!


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