3 Steps to Mixing Patterns

3 Steps to Mixing Patterns

Yes yes yes! This season is great! This is so revolutionary! When else in recent fashion history has there been another such exciting development which lifted a fashion ban on something previously thought of as a completely taboo? I absolutely love that this season has brought us the new trend of mixing prints & patterns!

Mind you, I don’t like ALL mixed patterned outfits, but you know my rule: if your hair and make up are done and you wear the look with confidence, you can rock it!

Here is what I found to work best when attempting this radical pairing:

1. Stripe + Print + statement necklace.

This formula will save you time! Go ahead and mix other prints, but stripes are easiest of all to match with other prints & patterns. A statement necklace works to pull your outfit together, and in and of itself has been a huge trend over the last year. Read more

The Beautiful Heart of MaLu

The Beautiful Heart of MaLu

As seen in POP News Magazine‘s March edition:

It’s not every day the words inspiring, ‎stylish, innovative, and beautiful are used together, but that exactly what comes to mind when I think of Maria Luisa – founder of MaLu.

Maria is a high school teacher with a passion for community and humanity. Having seen first hand some of her students come to school hungry, she knew that it was no way to learn and she just had to do something about it. She started the “Start Me Up” breakfast program in her school. The program began with $500 and many local businesses eager to help, and grew to become the model school for the Toronto District School Board’s nutrition program, and resulting in a $100K grant from Sun Life Financial to help expand it.

Unfortunately the school where this initiative began had to close, which was “detrimental” since there was more work to be done. Not one to wallow, Maria took her passion and energy and devoted it wholeheartedly to MaLu where she continues to make a difference by donating 5% of all sales to local charities. Read more

An Interview With Josh!

An Interview With Josh!

Good Morning Lovelies!

In this week’s giveaway we’re going to do things a little differently – backwards, if you will. I already know who the winner is, in fact I’m going to tell you all about him. I had the privilege of talking to Josh Haddon who’s a hilarious guy, and at the age of only 29 he’s a serial entrepreneur, comedian, comedy club owner, public speaker, writer, and in his own words “fighting cancer like a boss”. In this week’s Giveaway Malu will be making a custom pair of shoes for Josh.

“Life looked at me and said, ‘you can’t possibly be this happy, and be living your dream, doing what you love’ and it gave me cancer.” Josh says. Being a comedian and possessing the gift-of-the-gab he makes light of any situation, and is able to lift spirits anywhere he goes. When it comes to having cancer, Josh says “I thought it would be hypocritical if I didn’t deal with this like I deal with everything else – with humour and with laughter, and help laugh in the face of one of the toughest times” This talent to connect with people made Josh number one on Reddit’s Ask Me anything, beating out celebrities to grab the first spot. Hundreds if not thousands of people approached Josh with personal questions, or curiosities, seeking help advice and answers. This made Josh realized that through his words he can be helping thousands of people – Cancer patients and their families. And so, his book The Funny Thing About Cancer was born. He hopes to be able to finish it and distribute it to 1,000 cancer centers across Canada, and I think we can help.

There was a crowdfunding campaign done already, but the goal is not yet reached, so today I wanted to tell you about Josh & his book. And if his cause so moves you, do consider pitching in!

During my interview with Josh we chatted about traveling, fashion, and dreams. Here’s a look into that conversation:

(ME) Did you always want to be a comedian?

(J) I always wanted to be on stage. I couldn’t sing, and I was a lousy guitar player, so comedy it was! I hated public speaking though… but I always liked a challenge. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? So in grade 8 I gave it a go.

Was your first attempt successful?

It was awful! Awful! But you have to create a habit. The more I did it the more comfortable I became with it. Now I am a public speaker, and I love it. I feel comfortable speaking with anyone.

What motivated you to push past your fears in grade 8?

I think I wanted to impress girls! Also the naysayers, or ‘haters’ as we call them in 2015. Whenever someone says I can’t do something it pushes me to prove them wrong.

Was your career a straight path into Comedy?

I used to run a timeshare company in my early twenties, and I was very financially successful at it. It became the biggest timeshare company in Canada, but it was so stressful. To the point that I ended up having a stroke at the age of 25. The stress wasn’t worth it, and it wasn’t my passion. So I sold the company and went back to comedy. I started writing for blogs here and there, and did some gigs. Eventually I decided to open my own comedy club in Windsor, Ontario .

What are 5 things you want to accomplish this year?

  1. Well not die would be number 1.
  2. I want to finish my book, and be able to distribute it to cancer centers across Canada for free.
  3. I want to be able to raise enough money to help my parents financially.
  4. Get back on the road and do speaking engagements.
  5. And I want to travel to Asia – to Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji, Philippines, and I want to backpack across it.

What was the number one question you were asked on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything?

People wanted to know how I have such a positive attitude. Many also asked me how to connect with their friend, uncle etc. who has cancer – how to approach it, and what to talk about. To which my answer is: Be candid. Just be genuine. Everyone is different but to me candidness is the most important.

This being a fashion blog, I have to ask, where do you stand when it comes to fashion:

I actually think that fashion is important! It’s your sense of identity. As much as I hate to place importance on materialistic things, it’s about the first impression people get of you, and the first thing they notice. New clothes or a new pair of kicks can make you feel really good!

Beards and Man-buns?

Oh you mean lumber-sexuals? Whatever works man! If it makes you feel good, and makes your life easier because you leave your house with your head held high – that’s great. Are we really going to end the interview on lumber-sexuals?



Thank you to all of you for reading and following the blog along. Talking to Josh puts a smile on your face, and I hope that he’ll be able to touch as many lives with his positivity as possible. Let’s help Josh do that, and bring The Funny Thing About Cancer to 1000 cancer clinics across Canada.

So go ahead and peruse through Josh’s website and social media and see what you learn! Share your thoughts in the comments below, let’s get a conversation going.

One person will be randomly selected from the comments below, and the shoes for Josh will be presented on your behalf!!


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Big News!! Hint: Free stuff you can feel good about!

Big News!! Hint: Free stuff you can feel good about!

Hi Lovelies!

I have some really great news to share with everyone! 

If you’ve read my posts on Malu and the great work that they do, you know that the brand creates absolutely beautiful shoes and gives back to the community with every sale. I adore this idea so much that Maria and I have teamed up to bring to you weekly giveaways! Of course no giveaway is complete without giving back to the community so what we’ve decided to do is pick an organization each week and help raise awareness towards it – do that and you’ll be entered to win the weekly prize.

To participate:  Check out the weekly organization and comment 1 tidbit of info you’ve discovered about them. That’s it!

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The Beauty of Malu

The Beauty of Malu

I recently attended the Mode Accessories Show where I witnessed many beautiful and unique gems. Today I want to share with you a brand that touched me beyond the physical beauty of its pieces. I was very lucky to not only get a glimpse of MaLu’s spring line but get to know the woman behind the brand – Maria Luisa.

Maria, a school teacher so wholeheartedly devoted to her kids, started the “Start me up” breakfast program at the school she was teaching in at the time. The program quickly became successful and grew from the $500 Maria began with to receiving a $100,000 grant from Sun Life Financial. The Toronto District School Board took notice and modeled their own nutrition programs after Start Me Up. The name, by the way, was created by the kids themselves which earned them a well-deserved pizza party for their efforts! But the school where Start Me Up originated had to close down which was hugely upsetting to Maria. Read more

Pump Up The Confidence – Best Shoes Ever!!

Pump Up The Confidence – Best Shoes Ever!!

We all know that fashion possesses an enormous power to make us feel, act, and behave as she pleases. Put on a pair or pumps, or stilettos and all of a sudden your shoulders are no longer touching the ground. You stand up straight, your head held high and ready to strut. They key of course is to find comfortable heels. you need to be able to prolong this sense of confidence and actually WALK, rather than sit in a corner and look pretty. And let’s be honest, how pretty do you look when you’re twitching in agonizing pain, trying to hide the blood on your toes???

I want to share my three absolute favorite pairs which have allowed me to survive hours and hours on my feet! The good news? They are all super affordable and comfortable. The bad news? 2 out of the 3 I’m going to mention were boutique purchases and I cannot find them again. Sorry guys! So why am I sharing if I can’t tell you where to pick up a pair? Perhaps some of you have come across these shoes and can point ME in the right direction. But another reason is I want to share some style inspiration and a few of the lessons I learned on picking a comfy shoe from owning the following:

clickless 2 @splattershare

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Save your money – how to NOT buy shoes!

Save your money – how to NOT buy shoes!

I went to a shoe sale, and I bought… nothing! So why am I writing about this? Because the skill of holding back and stepping away from a sale took years to acquire.

I used to buy shoes for the mere enjoyment of witnessing my shoe collection expand. The more shoes the better, right? Unless you’re putting on a shoe exhibition wrong. I never wore all of the shoes that I owned. Some I kept even after they’ve served their time, others were impractical and I never actually got real use out of them (wearing them to dinner once and complaining the whole time doesn’t count).

As I get older I start to appreciate the utility of a shoes, instead of just hoarding them. Yes the shoe has to be hot but I have to either be able to wear it to work (and survive), or wear it out and not be the girl whose feet hurt. What’s the point of having shoes you don’t wear? I would rather have less shoes, and buy new ones as needed, instead of having a giant collection consisting of shoes I don’t wear, or don’t wear anymore. So as always, efficiency is key. If you wear it keep it. If you need it, buy it. Otherwise stay away.

I don’t think I’m the only one who enjoys a good sale. But the key to buying anything on sale is to buy items you love enough to pay full price for. There’s no point in buying crap you don’t love, doesn’t fit well, or doesn’t make you feel good about yourself just because it’s on sale. Believe me, based on years of experience it will not become more comfortable, your toes will always be squished in those shoes, and just because you fit into it doesn’t mean it fits you.

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Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha

Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha

I think everyone should know about this shoe! The Nine West Rocha.

This is the best $100 you’ll spend. I have plenty of shoes which are adorable at first but you can’t actually get any use out of them because your feet kill after a few hours (if that). I got the burgundy ones a couple of years ago, at the time because they were on sale, and have pretty much lived in them since. This is an excellent work shoe because it’s stylish, gives you enough height to work really well with pencil skirts due to the small platform and 3.5″ heel, and most importantly comfortable. I love the shape of the toe too – it’s not too pointy, which I find too sexy for the office, but it’s not too round, which I find boring and old fashioned. It’s just right!

This is the time of year when many shoes go on sale, and I love saving money, but this is one thing I will not compromise on, and $100 for a pair of shoes is great anyway! I just got the black ones, and I have a feeling they will have a good life.


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