Vegas Challenge Baby!

Vegas Challenge Baby!

Hi Lovelies!

Today is all about Vegas & the #UltimateVegasOutfit challenge! To me, this is an opportunity to play virtual dress up, and reminisce about my own trip to Vegas.  I went to Vegas last year, and the city is as diverse as it is bright! So the Ultimate Vegas Outfit is one that makes you feel comfortable, and confident – whatever that might be. For me it was a purple Le Chateau dress that hit just above the knee, paired with a damask-like necklace and sky high heels to match. The dress was covered yet tight so basically appropriate for any occasion – show, restaurant, wedding. Read more

New Year’s Eve Weddington Wedding Challenge!

New Year’s Eve Weddington Wedding Challenge!

Challenge accepted Weddington Way!

The challenge? Create the perfect look for a New Year’s Eve wedding! The biggest hurdle here was narrowing down the choices since there are as many possibilities as there are colours!

Whether you’re planning a party or a wedding and looking for a dress for your bridal party, Weddington Way is a great place to start. Unlike retail stores Weddington Way lets you customize your dress(es) meaning each bridesmaid will end up with the perfect dress. Sure you can do that in specialty bridal boutiques as well, but the price difference is huge! Weddington way lets you customize your dress based on colour, theme, style, length etc. AND is very reasonably priced. You`re sure to find something you and your entire bridal party will like.

I had a hard time narrowing down the selection but here are my top 5 looks. You can view my entire inspiration board here on my Pinterest page.

1. Red & Gold

Red and gold are always a classic party look! I find this particular dress both sexy and elegant and definitely a classic for years to come. Have fun with your accessories – stick to a theme but everything doesn’t have to match!

red and gold new years wedding wedding @splattershare

2. Classic Audrey  Read more