A Tough Neutral

A Tough Neutral

First of all, sorry about the little break in posts! I’ve been traveling and will be sharing some pictures soon! Now back to business…

Black Pants. Weren’t we always told that everything goes with black? Black is a neutral and you just can’t go wrong. Just like a LBD is a life saver, I thought that was the job of black pants too. Nope.

Black pants are like a negative space. Might as well be a hole. I’m sure you’ve noticed that recently we’ve moved away from classic bottoms and into colourful and/or patterned pants. As well, we’ve been moving away from the straight leg, and into the skinny & cropped.

But since we all still have a pair of black pants in our closets let’s talk about ways to pull them off. If done right they can look stellar!

The solution:

The problem with black pants is that they don’t provide enough visual interest so you should compensate in other areas: a fun top, funky jewelry, a colourful shoe or bag etc. You can play it up and it won’t be too much.


1. Contrast! Avoid pairing black pants with a boring neutral top. To brighten up your outfit try either a light or a bright top. White always looks fantastic, especially with some interesting jewelry.

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2. Structure! If you’re trying to pull off a straight leg pant I suggest to go for a more fitted top to create a more put together look.

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Skinny Pants

Skinny Pants

I’m sure you’ve noticed that colourful ankle pants are huge this season! In a bevy of fun colours you can dress them up or down.

Now think back to a few years ago. What were we wearing? Skinny, alas long, pants.

So what? Well if you’re like me, and you hoard your clothes just a little bit, pull those long pants out and cuff ’em!

You’re welcome. Now take the money you saved by not buying pants and buy cute shoes.

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