Fun With Washi Tape (part 2) – Beautiful Stationary

Fun With Washi Tape (part 2) – Beautiful Stationary

As promised here’s part 2 with more Washi Tape awesomeness!! Click here for Part 1.

1. Clip It

Beauty in the most unexpected places brings a smile to your face. If you use binder clips, whether at the office or at home, decorate them with Wahi Tape for a fun pop of colour that is sure to brighten your notes!

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Pump Up The Confidence – Best Shoes Ever!!

Pump Up The Confidence – Best Shoes Ever!!

We all know that fashion possesses an enormous power to make us feel, act, and behave as she pleases. Put on a pair or pumps, or stilettos and all of a sudden your shoulders are no longer touching the ground. You stand up straight, your head held high and ready to strut. They key of course is to find comfortable heels. you need to be able to prolong this sense of confidence and actually WALK, rather than sit in a corner and look pretty. And let’s be honest, how pretty do you look when you’re twitching in agonizing pain, trying to hide the blood on your toes???

I want to share my three absolute favorite pairs which have allowed me to survive hours and hours on my feet! The good news? They are all super affordable and comfortable. The bad news? 2 out of the 3 I’m going to mention were boutique purchases and I cannot find them again. Sorry guys! So why am I sharing if I can’t tell you where to pick up a pair? Perhaps some of you have come across these shoes and can point ME in the right direction. But another reason is I want to share some style inspiration and a few of the lessons I learned on picking a comfy shoe from owning the following:

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Work Wear OOTD

Work Wear OOTD

I’ve been loving leather details paired with mixed prints/textures, and now that winter is here it means sweater are in the mix too! What I love about this sweater is the cool puffy shoulders, the fit, and of course how cozy it is! It definitely serves double duty too because I can wear it to work paired with a pencil skirt or dress pants, and on the weekend paired with jeans/colourful skinnys and boots for a more casual look!

For more work outfit ideas check here, here and here!

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 Skirt: Ann Taylor

Sweater: FCUK