Gold Eyes Nude Lip – Tutorial

Gold Eyes Nude Lip – Tutorial

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share a quick makeup tutorial of a look I created when we went to the Garrison in Toronto to watch my friend’s band perform.

I recently picked up a lot new makeup at yet another sale. I’ll be posting a complete haul in the next few days, but one of my new purchases included a fantastic gold eye shadow by L’Oreal. In fact I went a bit buck wild when it came to eye shadows, and that’s what this look is revolved around. Read more

January Faves!

January Faves!

Hi Lovelies!! Here are some of my fave products right now. Some I mentioned before others I didn’t but I’m really enjoying all of these so this is my January summary to make sure we’re all looking good and feeling good despite this crazy weather.

Let’s begin!

1) Lipstick:

Every time I see this awesome “Volcanic” lipstick by L’Oreal in my makeup up stash I feel happy! I find red very dramatic but this orange-y shade just right. I like to use a brush and outline my lips using the same shade, and then fill in the rest. It stays on pretty well without budging, but if you drink or give someone a kiss it will transfer.

1. Loreal Volcanic lipstick @splattershare

2) Lip and Eye Pencils: Read more

Drama Mama! A Bold Makeup Post

Drama Mama! A Bold Makeup Post

Lot’s of makeup posts lately! I guess it’s because I’ve been so excited for the Gather For Brunchkins event coming up tomorrow night – it’s all I’ve been thinking about. Gather for Brunchkins is an event aimed at raising money for Brunchkins which is an organization providing breakfast and a packed lunch for kids in non-profit housing, in the Bowmanville area. If you’d like to come by tomorrow, it’s not too late! There will be tickets at the door for $20. There will be a beautifully motivational talk given by Julia Grieve, wine, food, goodie bags, and make up tutorials by yours truly! The makeup I’ll be using tomorrow will all be by Arbonne Cosmetics. The great thing about Arbonne is that not only does it work really well, but it feels fantastic on your skin due to the fact that it’s paraben free, phthalates free, 100% vegan, doesn’t contain mineral oils, no gluten, no artificial fragrances, and is PETA approved. Yes, it’s good!

To create today’s look though, I used several different brands, and some new products I was eager to try.

The make up used for this dramatic look @splattershare

The products I’ve never tried before are the Annabelle Bronzer, and Annabelle pencils – both eye and lip ones, And I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The great thing about a lip pencil, and I don’t mean a lip liner, but one you would use for your entire lip, is that you can’t screw up! Just like when you were little you get to colour inside the lines. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that this way you have more control. The other thing I liked about this pencil is that its rather moisturizing and also doesn’t feel like a foreign body annexed to your lips but rather natural and comfortable. The shade I’m wearing is called Vamp and you can find it here.

Dramatic Makeup  @splattershare

Read more

Weekend Makeup!

Weekend Makeup!

The awesome thing about weekends is you can let loose! You don’t have to look corporate and mundane. You can experiment with colour and do whatever makes you feel good! You want to try out new shadows? Eyeliner? Different colour lipstick? Go for it!

Here’s a bit on inspo to get you started:

What I used:

smokey eye and pink lip @splattershare.

To create this look I started with a primer & foundation combo. I didn’t apply bronzer like I usually do because I wanted to stay with the pinks, and apply a cozy pink blush, and light pink lip-gloss.

Read more

Super Simple Smokey Eye Makeup

Super Simple Smokey Eye Makeup

Hi guys! I want to quickly share my smokey eye makeup routine. It’s very simple and can be easily toned down or punched up.

Typically a smokey eye is created by blending 2 eye shadows, and made the more dramatic with the use of eyeliner. I only applied eyeliner on my top lashes because the occasion didn’t call for more than that, but for a bolder look apply eyeliner on the bottom as well. A coloured eyeliner looks really cool too. Whenever I use a coloured eyeliner I use it in conjunction with the black, I just trace a thin coloured line above the black. Normally they say you should be using complementary coloured eye makeup to your eye colours, but quite frankly my eyes are green and I love using a blue eyeliner, and it works just fine!

A smokey eye is the perfect look for a night out, because it looks both dramatic and fancy. Because my sweater was quite bold already I wanted to keep the colours to a min, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colour! There is so much you can do!

Super Simple Smokey Eye Makeup @splattershare

What I did to create this look:

1. I used a cream shade all over my lid,

2. And the darker charcoal shade in the crease of my eye, and along the lash line.

3. Using the brush you see below I blended the 2 colours upwards and a bit above the crease.

4. I added colour to my cheeks using a peach blush,

5. And finished the look off with a nude lip. The lip liner and lip gloss you see below are the cheapest things I own and I absolutely love both! I got them at a make up sale I attended for $1. Yup. True Story.

The eye shadows and makeup brush you see below are both by Mistura Beauty. Iv’e mentioned them before in previous posts. They’ve been around for a few years now and are available in Rexall Pharmacy stores, and online through various retailers. Personally I really enjoy their makeup brushes, and the pigmentation of the eye shadows. My only critique would be that the eye shadow compact is hard to open and you have to use your nails. Other than that, great stuff!

Super Simple Smokey Eye Makeup @splattershareSo give this super simple look a try and let me know how it goes!


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