Creating the Perfect Red Lipstick!

Creating the Perfect Red Lipstick!

Hello lovelies!!

I hope you’re enjoying spring and having fun with lighter layers and fun colours!!

Today I want to talk about the quintessential part of any beauty toolkit – the red lip!!

From classic Hollywood glamour to modern day cool, the red lip will forever maintain its allure, and will continue to brighten the faces and moods of women everywhere. Of course there are as many red lipstick shades as there are beautiful women, and finding the ‘perfect’ one can be daunting. I am here to tell you, or perhaps to remind you, that creating your own is perfectly acceptable and leads to fabulous results. Think of all the different colour lipsticks that are hiding in your makeup collection, and think about how many more possibilities there would be if you began to mix some of them and create brand new shades! That’s exactly what I did recently and here is the result:

the perfect red 3

To me this shade is perfect! It’s muted yet bright, and can be easily worn during the day with a simple eye, or glamorously played up at night.  Read more

Drama Mama! A Bold Makeup Post

Drama Mama! A Bold Makeup Post

Lot’s of makeup posts lately! I guess it’s because I’ve been so excited for the Gather For Brunchkins event coming up tomorrow night – it’s all I’ve been thinking about. Gather for Brunchkins is an event aimed at raising money for Brunchkins which is an organization providing breakfast and a packed lunch for kids in non-profit housing, in the Bowmanville area. If you’d like to come by tomorrow, it’s not too late! There will be tickets at the door for $20. There will be a beautifully motivational talk given by Julia Grieve, wine, food, goodie bags, and make up tutorials by yours truly! The makeup I’ll be using tomorrow will all be by Arbonne Cosmetics. The great thing about Arbonne is that not only does it work really well, but it feels fantastic on your skin due to the fact that it’s paraben free, phthalates free, 100% vegan, doesn’t contain mineral oils, no gluten, no artificial fragrances, and is PETA approved. Yes, it’s good!

To create today’s look though, I used several different brands, and some new products I was eager to try.

The make up used for this dramatic look @splattershare

The products I’ve never tried before are the Annabelle Bronzer, and Annabelle pencils – both eye and lip ones, And I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The great thing about a lip pencil, and I don’t mean a lip liner, but one you would use for your entire lip, is that you can’t screw up! Just like when you were little you get to colour inside the lines. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that this way you have more control. The other thing I liked about this pencil is that its rather moisturizing and also doesn’t feel like a foreign body annexed to your lips but rather natural and comfortable. The shade I’m wearing is called Vamp and you can find it here.

Dramatic Makeup  @splattershare

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