Black can still be fun!

Black can still be fun!

Thank goodness for Canadian boutiques carrying British brands!

I am absolutely in love with Darling – an English brand I discovered while perusing Gather, my favorite boutique! In fact, I’m building quite the Darling collection.

This Milena Lace Tunic, is the only shift-style dress I own. I tend to gravitate towards more hourglass silhouettes, but I couldn’t walk away from this pretty cutaway detailing. The neckline, although conservative, feels very pretty and special thanks to the gorgeous and feminine lace. I got it on sale as it was part of the fall/winter lineup, which is slowly being pushed out to make way for spring, but I see a lot of spring potential! The material is lightweight so it will be perfect for a summer night. For more casual summer nights, I’d wear it with fun coloured heels or wedges, and maybe a thin belt. For fancier ones  I would kick the jewelry up a notch with some classic earring, and keep the colour scheme more monochromatic with black heels to complete the look. As it is still winter, and it was a casual night out with friends, I wore this dress with black tights and the comfiest brown boots (Aldo?). Read more

A Tough Neutral

A Tough Neutral

First of all, sorry about the little break in posts! I’ve been traveling and will be sharing some pictures soon! Now back to business…

Black Pants. Weren’t we always told that everything goes with black? Black is a neutral and you just can’t go wrong. Just like a LBD is a life saver, I thought that was the job of black pants too. Nope.

Black pants are like a negative space. Might as well be a hole. I’m sure you’ve noticed that recently we’ve moved away from classic bottoms and into colourful and/or patterned pants. As well, we’ve been moving away from the straight leg, and into the skinny & cropped.

But since we all still have a pair of black pants in our closets let’s talk about ways to pull them off. If done right they can look stellar!

The solution:

The problem with black pants is that they don’t provide enough visual interest so you should compensate in other areas: a fun top, funky jewelry, a colourful shoe or bag etc. You can play it up and it won’t be too much.


1. Contrast! Avoid pairing black pants with a boring neutral top. To brighten up your outfit try either a light or a bright top. White always looks fantastic, especially with some interesting jewelry.

tough neutral @splattershare

2. Structure! If you’re trying to pull off a straight leg pant I suggest to go for a more fitted top to create a more put together look.

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