Aveeno Fresh Essentials – Review

Aveeno Fresh Essentials – Review

With Spring around the corner (or so says the calendar) these could not come at a better time!

The first thing I noticed about this lineup of Aveeno Fresh Essentials is the smell. The fresh scent itself is enough to rejuvenate tired skin. My sister came over the other day and used the facial scrub and those were her first words too. It smells amazing! Another wonderful factor common to all 3 products is they are oil-free.

Full disclosure: These were sent to me for free to try out and share my opinion.

1. Fresh Essentials Daily Exfoliating Scrub

The great thing about a scrub is that it can be used to remove makeup and deep clean your pores at the same time, leaving you with perfectly clean skin after the makeup’s all gone. Personally my skin can be sensitive and scrubs that are too harsh tend to leave it red and irritated. The texture of this scrub feels very smooth at first, but as you begin to rub it between your hands you start to feel tiny beads. These tiny beads are so gentle that even if you have sensitive skin, like mine, your skin will be left feeling exfoliated but not red and irritated. This was a huge factor for me. Definite bonus points right there! Read more