Things to do in Toronto when the weather is miserable!


Even though this weather is fickle and it’s only actually winter every other week, I thought I’d put together a list of fun things to do for those intermittent miserable days.
This list is targeted towards Toronto, since that’s where I live, but no reason you can’t do the same activities in your own town. Read more

Literally Wear This Anywhere – Cute Summer outfit

Literally Wear This Anywhere  – Cute Summer outfit

The wonderful thing about white is it’s a blank canvas. I chose to play up my white dress with an arm-full of bracelets and a Mexican style belt.

Colour of course is not the only factor to consider when picking new pieces to add to your closet. Don’t forget about fit! I learned this one from Stacy London even black isn’t slimming if it doesn’t fit well. What I love about this dress below is the fabric. Even though it’s quite simple, I find that the detail in the fabric adds visual interest and makes the look more playful. This is a great summer look for anything! Hanging out on the weekend, going on a date, and even the office.

TIP: I will be wearing this dress all the way into the fall, with tights booties and cardigans!

Literally Wear This Anywhere  - Cute Summer outfit @splattershare Read more