A Great Trend from NYFW

A Great Trend from NYFW

Although the week isn’t over there is already a trend you just can’t turn away from. Baroque was everywhere, at least in part, and I’m not complaining! While of course we can’t overlook the prominence of the 70’s and beautiful rich tones, fun uses of fur pieces, and pops of bright orange, gold shined like a star and here are a few examples of baroque on the runway:

Badgley Mischka is the best example. The entire collection made use of beautiful and intricate gold fabrics and appliqués. Read more

Fashion Week – the Good the Bad and the Bullshit

Fashion Week – the Good the Bad and the Bullshit

With New York and London Fashions weeks behind us, and Milan fashion week in full swing I think it’s time I share my 2 cents. Although I wasn’t actually there, thanks to the internet I sure feel like I was!

Let’s start with the bullshit:

Have you seen this video??

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZSbK_SMkf0&w=560&h=315]

Read more

Is there a fashion rule?

Is there a fashion rule?

Every season, every year, every decade the structure of our clothing takes on a different form. What is fashion if not a way of self expression and a means to showcase and enhance a woman’s natural beauty. With 7 billion people in this world, can we all follow the ‘rules’ of fashion? What are these rules? How can you place a restriction on self expression? How can you definitively coin a faux pas?

We are socialized to recognize certain clothing as appropriate and acceptable and frown upon distinctively different ideas. Socialization is the exposure to your environment, which therefore means you are influenced by your surroundings. We are innately myopic and the immediate trends around us always resonate the most. Whatever we believe is “in” is of course what we deem to be the best, and most flattering. We are confident about what colours go together, cuts work best, and which pieces are a closet must have. But isn’t it interesting that at one point in time, maybe even just a few years ago, an entirely different repertoire was worn by style influencers and raved about by all.

Remember bell-bottoms? Remember when jeans were acid washed? or more recently remember hip-huggers? And then came a time when having a boot-cut pair of jeans or trousers was the right thing to do. Everything looks ridiculous at first, until you see it everywhere. Until fashion week rolls around, and the buyers have made their selection. You see it in magazines and online and it grows on you. I thought the crop top was the stupidest thing when I first saw it. I now think it’s great! It lets you wear high waisted skirts without having to tuck in, and you look sexy and polished doing it. What’s not to love?

Could you have imagined that this season we would be mixing patterns? Mixing patterns! Come on! Fashion 101: neutral+pattern+and/or pop of colour =awesome. Right? Well, not exactly because there isn’t a right or wrong in fashion. There is the NOW and the YOU. What are we surrounded by now, and what will you take away from that to feel good. Right now, I absolutely love that I can wear a striped top with a floral skirt.

The thing is, fashion is cyclical. Whether we draw inspiration or copy it directly, if you’ve seen it before you’ll see it again. So don’t be so quick to judge, don’t be so stuck in your way. This is your chance to explore, to discover the vastness of the world and the 7 billion people in it expressing themselves. Who knows what we’ll be wearing next?



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