Spice up winter!

Spice up winter!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean our clothes have to reflect the drab colour scheme of slushy days. Instead why not embrace the cold and bundle up in cute cozy knits, and fun detail? Let’s spice up this weather with adorable outfits that will make you look and feel fabulous!

A great place to start is Lookbook Store. I absolutely love this website!! There are way too many awesome pieces to list, but here are some great picks:

V-Cutout Bow Back Shirt: Under $24! What a steal!

V-Cutout Bow Back Shirt @splattershare V-Cutout Bow Back Shirt - front @splattershare

Why I love it? Because it’s versatile! So unexpectedly sexy, and yet throw on a blazer and you’re good for the office too.

For the office: Try it with a bold statement necklace, since the statement back detail is no longer visible beneath your blazer.

For a night out: Try it with a high waisted skirt and sexy pumps. Pearl earnings would be adorbs! Read more