Awesome Lipstick Hack!

Awesome Lipstick Hack!

Hi lovelies!

Hope everyone’s had a great long weekend!

I stumbled upon a super awesome lipstick hack this past weekend, and I just had to share it!

I wrote about the long lasting power of the Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® lipstick before, and talked about how it will literally last through anything. Believe me, I was skeptical too, but there’s just no stopping it!

At this point, I know that Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® works great on its own, but what I discovered is that it also plays well with others.

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Weekend Makeup!

Weekend Makeup!

The awesome thing about weekends is you can let loose! You don’t have to look corporate and mundane. You can experiment with colour and do whatever makes you feel good! You want to try out new shadows? Eyeliner? Different colour lipstick? Go for it!

Here’s a bit on inspo to get you started:

What I used:

smokey eye and pink lip @splattershare.

To create this look I started with a primer & foundation combo. I didn’t apply bronzer like I usually do because I wanted to stay with the pinks, and apply a cozy pink blush, and light pink lip-gloss.

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New Ann Taylor Purse Preview! Fall Perfection!

New Ann Taylor Purse Preview! Fall Perfection!

I’ve been on a mission to find a new crossbody purse. I was hoping for something feminine, with metallic detail, in a beautiful colour, and maybe with an over-the-shoulder chain. Imagine my delight when i stumbled upon this beauty in Ann Taylor:

Ann Taylor Purse - taupe @splattershare


Yes. This bag is fantastic! It’s big enough to fit my giant wallet, and all of my other purse contents, and it checks off exactly every single criteria on my list. Feminine? Check! Metallic detailing? Check! Chain? Check! Read more

Outfit of the day – J.Crew dress shirt

Outfit of the day – J.Crew dress shirt

I don’t normally wear dress shirts, but boy oh boy things are about to change! I am in love with this top!

I got it at the J.Crew outlet store at the Toronto Premium Outlets in Mississauga for $35. It’s similar to this one but not quite it. I think the selection will vary by store.

It looks very professional for work, but I can definitely see myself dressing it up, wearing it with jeans, and just really any multitude of outfits. Great for fall!

The coloring of it is interesting enough to make it unique but also simple that it can be used as a basic, and layered with colours, jewelry, or a nice jacket.

Outfit of the day - J.Crew dress shirt @splattershare

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Literally Wear This Anywhere – Cute Summer outfit

Literally Wear This Anywhere  – Cute Summer outfit

The wonderful thing about white is it’s a blank canvas. I chose to play up my white dress with an arm-full of bracelets and a Mexican style belt.

Colour of course is not the only factor to consider when picking new pieces to add to your closet. Don’t forget about fit! I learned this one from Stacy London even black isn’t slimming if it doesn’t fit well. What I love about this dress below is the fabric. Even though it’s quite simple, I find that the detail in the fabric adds visual interest and makes the look more playful. This is a great summer look for anything! Hanging out on the weekend, going on a date, and even the office.

TIP: I will be wearing this dress all the way into the fall, with tights booties and cardigans!

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