Upgraded Sock Bun!

Upgraded Sock Bun!

Sock buns are awesome!! If you’ve never made one check out the tutorial here.

They immediately add volume to your hair and make a regular bun look so much more substantial! They also make it look like you know what you’re doing and were able to gather your hair into an impossibly neat, ballerina worthy, bun.  With that being said, here’s a fun twist on a style that’s quickly become a new favorite! Read more

New Year’s Eve Weddington Wedding Challenge!

New Year’s Eve Weddington Wedding Challenge!

Challenge accepted Weddington Way!

The challenge? Create the perfect look for a New Year’s Eve wedding! The biggest hurdle here was narrowing down the choices since there are as many possibilities as there are colours!

Whether you’re planning a party or a wedding and looking for a dress for your bridal party, Weddington Way is a great place to start. Unlike retail stores Weddington Way lets you customize your dress(es) meaning each bridesmaid will end up with the perfect dress. Sure you can do that in specialty bridal boutiques as well, but the price difference is huge! Weddington way lets you customize your dress based on colour, theme, style, length etc. AND is very reasonably priced. You`re sure to find something you and your entire bridal party will like.

I had a hard time narrowing down the selection but here are my top 5 looks. You can view my entire inspiration board here on my Pinterest page.

1. Red & Gold

Red and gold are always a classic party look! I find this particular dress both sexy and elegant and definitely a classic for years to come. Have fun with your accessories – stick to a theme but everything doesn’t have to match!

red and gold new years wedding wedding @splattershare

2. Classic Audrey  Read more

Pump Up The Confidence – Best Shoes Ever!!

Pump Up The Confidence – Best Shoes Ever!!

We all know that fashion possesses an enormous power to make us feel, act, and behave as she pleases. Put on a pair or pumps, or stilettos and all of a sudden your shoulders are no longer touching the ground. You stand up straight, your head held high and ready to strut. They key of course is to find comfortable heels. you need to be able to prolong this sense of confidence and actually WALK, rather than sit in a corner and look pretty. And let’s be honest, how pretty do you look when you’re twitching in agonizing pain, trying to hide the blood on your toes???

I want to share my three absolute favorite pairs which have allowed me to survive hours and hours on my feet! The good news? They are all super affordable and comfortable. The bad news? 2 out of the 3 I’m going to mention were boutique purchases and I cannot find them again. Sorry guys! So why am I sharing if I can’t tell you where to pick up a pair? Perhaps some of you have come across these shoes and can point ME in the right direction. But another reason is I want to share some style inspiration and a few of the lessons I learned on picking a comfy shoe from owning the following:

clickless 2 @splattershare

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8 ways Breakfast at Tiffany’s is exactly like today

8 ways Breakfast at Tiffany’s is exactly like today

It’s 1961 again!

Fashion is truly cyclical. Of course we are all aware of this already, but this thought was further reinforced when I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s the other day. For the very first time, might I add. Gasp I know! I was completely flabbergasted by Audrey Hepburn’s character. Her charisma and her beauty was so enthralling. I couldn’t get enough of her! I kept admiring her classic look, her dramatic accents, and the way she was always put together. The fashion in this movie is truly iconic.

The fact that this movie is in colour gives it a modern feel, making it easy to compare 1961 with 2014. If you notice the other characters, and extras in the movie (but who can look away from ms.Golightly??) you will get a true sense of what 1961 was like. Here are some of the key pieces I noticed while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

1. Full skirts

Although Ms. Golightly tended to gravitate towards black form-fitting gowns, which she would then dress up with jewelry head-wear or scarves, we do see her in this pink number sporting a fuller skirt.

8 ways Breakfast at Tiffany's is exactly like today @splattershare -full skirts 5

Below are excerpts of the guests from Holly’s glamorous party. As you can see full skirts were all the rage!8 ways Breakfast at Tiffany's is exactly like today @splattershare -full skirts

2. Statement necklaces

Of course! How can one go through this movie without noticing the statement necklaces?! We see holly wearing 2 very different, and very dramatic pieces in the movie. Although today statement necklaces are extremely popular, we no longer use them only for black-tie events, but rather to jazz up a super simple day outfit, thus serving multiple purposes.

8 ways Breakfast at Tiffany's is exactly like today @splattershare -statement necklace

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A Tough Neutral

A Tough Neutral

First of all, sorry about the little break in posts! I’ve been traveling and will be sharing some pictures soon! Now back to business…

Black Pants. Weren’t we always told that everything goes with black? Black is a neutral and you just can’t go wrong. Just like a LBD is a life saver, I thought that was the job of black pants too. Nope.

Black pants are like a negative space. Might as well be a hole. I’m sure you’ve noticed that recently we’ve moved away from classic bottoms and into colourful and/or patterned pants. As well, we’ve been moving away from the straight leg, and into the skinny & cropped.

But since we all still have a pair of black pants in our closets let’s talk about ways to pull them off. If done right they can look stellar!

The solution:

The problem with black pants is that they don’t provide enough visual interest so you should compensate in other areas: a fun top, funky jewelry, a colourful shoe or bag etc. You can play it up and it won’t be too much.


1. Contrast! Avoid pairing black pants with a boring neutral top. To brighten up your outfit try either a light or a bright top. White always looks fantastic, especially with some interesting jewelry.

tough neutral @splattershare

2. Structure! If you’re trying to pull off a straight leg pant I suggest to go for a more fitted top to create a more put together look.

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