Simple Daytime Makeup

Face: 1. Primer, Foundation, Bronzer, Blush

Eyes: 1. Light eye shadow (I’m wearing light pink), Mascara, Strong brow

Lips: Simple nude or pink gloss


simple make up @splattershare

How this look came about is I was experimenting with a new primer and foundation. I had samples of a few different shades, and being unfamiliar with the product I chose the wrong one at first. I chose a shade that made me look white! I mean white! like porcelain or a freakin’ mime! I played with a few more shades, and finally found the right one. But at this point I had to compensate for the fact that my face was already ghastly white and so I applied a bit more bronzer than I normally would have – making my face/skin the focal point rather than my eyes or lips. Photo-finish skin can really go a long way so I didn’t feel the need to go colourful or dramatic elsewhere.

I brightened up my eyes with a shimmery shade of light pink, applying it all over my lid and corners of my eyes. Other than that the only product on my eyes is mascara, and I filled in my brows with a brown pencil.

Top it all off with a pretty gloss and you’re as put together as can be!



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