Shopping Mistakes

Whether you shop for fun or for necessity, I think we’re all predisposed to making some common mistakes.

Buying Something Because It’s Cheap

Sure, who doesn’t love to save money, but if cheap is the only criteria that helped up you pick that dress – put it back! Think about how that garment will work in your wardrobe. Will you ever even wear it? I like to justify purchases in terms of Cost Per Wear. If an item is more expensive but you’ll get more use out of it, it may be more justified than that cheap frock you’ll wear once. That being said, if something you LOVE is on sale, congratulations and well done!!

Buying Something To Fit Into Eventually

“Oh look it’s an adorable pair of jeans that fits my arms! But that’s ok, I plan on being skinny! I’m sure it will fit soon” Oh boy, I know I’ve said that one too many times! Shop for pieces that make you feel good now, and don’t clutter your wardrobe with clothes for future you. If your body changes, you should accommodate it then. Whether it’s because you’ve worked hard to lose weight, or gained a few pounds, you deserve to feel good.

it will fit

Forgetting About Double & Triple Duty Pieces!

Whenever something catches your eye in store, mentally think of a few outfits you can pull together using this one piece. And don’t forget to branch out – one piece can be worn on many different occasion, and in various settings. A great summer dress can work with sandals on the weekend, or with a blazer for work, or with some strappy heels and bold jewelry for night time!

Splurging On Trends

Sometimes a trend so ludicrous enters the scene, that at first you don’t get it, but slowly you begin to see it everywhere and it grows on you to the point that you can no longer wait to try it for yourself! But is it worth the splurge? Will you still be into it next season? And quite frankly, will the novelty even live on past the first time you wear it? If the answer is no, head to Forever 21 and get the cheap version you won’t feel bad getting rid of.
rock the trend

Buying Because It’s Brand Name

The allure of a brand name can transcend actual design or practicality. I’m sure certain pieces are worth it – a great trench, a wonderful suit, a classic pump or tote. But just because it’s brand name, doesn’t mean it’s comfortable, practical, or worth the splurge. Think about it this way, if it wasn’t brand name would you still love it? If the answer is no put it back.

but it's designer


You want to maximize the utility of your clothes, and make sure that they work with your life style and body type. Don’t just hoard sale pieces and don’t waste your money on pieces that won’t see the light of day more than twice. Put some thought into your clothes – you’re worth it!


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