Rained On

In Toronto we have an annual event called “Salsa on St.Claire”. The event happens in July when it’s usually warm, if not hot! There is lots of dancing, and food vendors from all over Latin America. It’s a grand time. Yesterday, however, it got rained on! The event still went on, food was delicious, people were dancing, and it was lots of fun, but my straight hair didn’t survive it, and wearing flip flops was a bad decision too.

I knew my hair would be curly by the time i got home – it’s naturally curly and I had no product in it. My makeup on the other hand was flawless! After being in the rain all day I got home to realize nothing happened to my makeup – even my eye shadow was intact. So I felt it necessary to share what exactly I had used that morning and give a quick kudos to these makeup companies.

Everything I use is very reasonably priced. I don’t tend to use designer brands.

Rained On! Summer look by @splattershare Rained On! Summer look by @splattershare Makeup by @splattershare

Here are the products used to achieve the look:

MASCARA: L’OREAL VOLUMINOUS. This is one of my favorite products in the whole world. I have tried every mascara under the sun (including some expensive designer ones) and this one is the winner. It fans your lashes, makes them very black, and stays on! I suggest getting the waterproof one.



EYELINER: ANNABELLE LIQUID EYELINER. It has a great brush which doesn’t falter so you can use this product until it’s empty and not until the brush dies. I love the control the brush allows, and the smooth finish.

annabelle liquid eyeliner

EYE SHADOW: MAYBELLINE NEW YORK EXPERT WEAR EYE SHADOW, HUSHED TINTS. This is the real winner. Eye shadow is the most problematic product, especially if you add humidity to the equation. I was out in the rain and humidity of a summer day. Without spraying a setter, these stayed on all day! I used the beige all over my lid (next to the brown), and brown in the crease.



SHIMMER: STILA ALL OVER SHIMMER: This is a new discovery for me. I got this little one as a sample. 4 months later and it’s still half full. I’ll definitely be buying it when I run out. I apply it in the corner of my eye and below my brow. You only need to use a little bit and then work it in. I use it everyday for work, to look a little more awake!

Stila all over shimmer @splattershare

LIP STICK: LANCOME, COLOR FEVER SHINE TEMPT ME. This is my go-to lipstick. It’s quite neutral, and almost perfectly matched the natural colour of my lips. TIP: Don’t underestimate the power of lipstick! Just because it’s close to my natural colour doesn’t mean it serves no purpose. It completes the look and makes you more put together.

Lancome Lipstick @splattershare

EXTRA: STILA KAJAL EYE LINER, BRONZE. I put this on my lower lashes. I find black too harsh on the bottom so I used this golden bronze colour. It’s not a must but a fun addition!

stila kajal liner topaz


Thanks to all of the above for being top performers and not breaking the bank at the same time!!


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