Preloved’s Julia Grieve talks success!

Julia Grieve, the beautiful fashionable and successful woman behind Preloved, was generous enough to sit down with me for a chat where she let me pick her brain. Having started her own business at a very young age, Julia definitely knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship!

“When I started my business I was young and not afraid of anything. Ignorance can truly be bliss! I knew exactly what I wanted and I went after it. I, of course, could not have done it without the support we got from the city, without my family, or without my modelling experience.”

She credits her attention to detail and meticulous eye for fit to her career as an international model.

“Wearing some of the most expensive brands in the world teaches you about how clothing should fit, and feel.”

Lucky for us Julia has used this knowledge to create Preloved clothing, and anyone who’s ever tried on a Preloved sweater can attest to the quality, coziness, and thought behind each piece.

20 years into it and Preloved is now in over 400 stores worldwide, including Anthropologie and Roots. Still of course spearheaded by Julia, her unique vision and seemingly endless bounds of energy!

“I run almost every day – I try to fit in three 10km runs a week. I can plan an entire collection during a run… and it helps me de-stress!”

Wow! Inspirational to say the least! Speaking of inspirational, I asked Julia what inspires her:

“Vintage! Even when I travel I’m the first one to scout out vintage and “buy, sell, trade” shops to look for cool pieces. When it comes to inspiration for our collections we are no different from any other design house in the sense that we stay on trend we watch for what’s in what’s out but, the difference is that I draw inspiration from vintage clothing and stay true to the brand.”

Having lived on multiple continents and traveled around the world Julia always knew she would come back home to Toronto. So what’s so great about our city? I thought I’d ask just that!

“Toronto has a big city flare but a small town vibe. We have all of the multiculturalism of a big city, we are comparable in population to Chicago, but it still feels like a tight knit community. There is a ton of local support, and you can‘t really get that in places like New York”

What about shopping in the city? What are some shopping tips of yours?

I love thrifting! I love the thrill of the find! A great place to check out is Kind Exchange,  It’s like a massive clothing swap and they have many locations in Toronto.

What about splurge-worthy items?

I always say that every girl should have a little black dress. That classic Audrey Hepburn shape – you’ll get so much use out of it! You can even play with the length and adjust it as needed. I have a vintage Givenchy dress that I absolutely love! Another item I’d recommend splurging on is a Smythe blazer, which is a great Canadian brand.

Speaking of Canadian pride, is there a Canadian fashion figure you look up to or admire?

Joe Mimran without a doubt! I was so fortunate to get the chance to meet with him. He knows the Canadian market inside and out, and he’s made a huge impact on me and the brand!

Zooming in on Toronto again, best place to eat in the City?

I love Rock Lobster for their oysters and big Caesars…and anything on the Danforth!

A proud Torontonian, a successful business woman, mother of 3, and a runner, Julia Grieve is certainly a force to be reckoned with and a wonderful role model for all of us. Thankfully her biggest challenge right now is turning off her ideas, so we can rest assured there’s more to come!




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