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I recently read the follow up to The Monk Who Sold His FerrariThe Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and I couldn’t put it down! Needless to say, I recommend it. I don’t intent to regurgitate the storyline. Instead I want to talk about a few of the lessons Robin Sharma so poignantly describes in this gem of a book, because they couldn’t be more relevant!

As I delve further into blogging, and explore the journey of building my own brand, my voice, and ultimately becoming a ‘real’ blogger I can attest to all of the 9 lessons the book seeks to teach us. It doesn’t matter where you currently are in your life the lessons shared are meant to put you on your own individual path to happiness. Not everyone will have a rich cousin to send them around the world in search of enlightenment, but it makes for a good story, and reading this book will get you one step closer to repatriating your mind with fresh, unique, feel-good-because-I’m-awesome ideas.

words to live by @splattershare



Well since you only have 1 life why not live it? It doesn’t quite make sense to lead someone else’s life. There is no point going with the flow if you don’t like where the flow is going. Each of us is an individual and the wonderful thing is we have the ability to express that. You have the option of following your dreams – it might not be easy but the results are sure to be worth it. Each day you wake up is a new opportunity for you to make decisions and choose what your next steps will be – in life, relationship, and definitely in your closet! You deserve for each moment of your time to be lived authentically. At times it will be hard to listen to your own voice and not be swayed by temptations, but you owe it to yourself. And once you do it shall be glorious!! Glorious!!

When it comes to the world of fashion there is a gigantic industry with brilliant marketers trying to control your behavior, but only you know what feels right. Only you can decide what you want to wear to best reflect you. Feeling good on the inside is directly related to looking good – whatever that means to you. If you don’t want to participate in the latest trend, don’t. If you don’t find it necessary to replace your wardrobe every season, don’t. If you want to bring back a cut, a colour, or a style, by all means!


Embrace your fears:

Indeed I haven’t met anyone invincible to fear, but imagine the possibilities and opportunities you might be missing out on! Are you dodging outdoor adventures because you’re scared of bugs? Are you missing out on beautiful faraway places because you’re scared of flying? If you embrace and overcome the barriers your mind has created you will vastly expand your horizons. Comfort zones are not meant to be a permanent residences. Don’t be afraid to step out there, wear sparkles, layer funky pieces and whatever else tickles your fancy! Many of us fear the opinion of others. Anyone can try and tell you that ‘haters gonna hate’ or ‘ the opinion of others doesn’t matter, they’re just projecting’ but until you give it a try and see how liberating not giving a damn feels you won’t truly know.


Choose your influences well:

As Jim Rohn said “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, so be careful of your surroundings. If you spend most of your time at work it is wise to ensure you work in a positive place which motives you and encourages you.

It is by interacting with other bloggers and the blogging community, and writing that I personally get my daily dose of positivity. I hope to get to know more bloggers, and more of my readers this year to truly embrace all of your wonderful influences.


Strong fearless females:

sara blakely  mindy kaling

Great people build you up and cultivate your self-esteem…which of course doesn’t hurt if you’re trying to be authentic to yourself and eradicate your fears!



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