Perfect Christmas Gift for Large Groups!

Chriistmas Gift Baskets By Splattershare

Christmas is such a wonderfully festive time! Certainly not a time to be stressed out. I know it may seem like there’s a lot to do – dinners, holiday parties, gifts for family, friends, co-workers, prepping the home, decorating etc.

But just remember that those things should be FUN, no one is (I hope) forcing you to do any of it. It’s up to you to choose what to partake in.  Now, if you do choose to participate and plan on gifting to large crowds, let me make your life easier by introducing 2 words – GIFT BASKETS.

I never realized how easy, effective, and cheap  these can be.

The benefits of gift baskets:

  • They look awesome!
  • Can be customized for anyone!
  • A perfect solution for packaging many little things
  • Easy to scale if you need to gift to a large crowd
  • Recipient can keep the basket/bowl/box after
  • Feels personal
  • Great for any occasion

Gift baskets can work for various contents. I have a few gifts I plan of giving to family, that are on the pricier side but are made up of several small components. I tried wrapping each individual piece before but that didn’t garner the reaction I had hoped for. So this year I’m considering a more exciting presentation in the form of mini baskets.

Gift baskets also came in handy for our annual ladies’ gift exchange at work. This year I made sugar scrubs for everyone – recipe & tags can be found here (thanks Lolli!). These scrubs are cute on their own but when packages in a nice little holiday box, with some candy canes inside, they’re as cute as can be!

For the base you can use anything – a box, a basket, a bowl etc. and don’t forget the dollar store! It’s your best friend around this time of year – they have festive boxes, cellophane wrap, candy canes etc. Pretty much everything you need for Christmas crafts.

Remember that these are perfect for anyone and any occasion – Christmas, birthday, hostess gift, etc. It’s entirely customization and all up to you!

Chriistmas Gift Baskets By Splattershare 2

      Have fun and let me know if you’ve made any awesome gift baskets!


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