3 Steps to Mixing Patterns

Yes yes yes! This season is great! This is so revolutionary! When else in recent fashion history has there been another such exciting development which lifted a fashion ban on something previously thought of as a completely taboo? I absolutely love that this season has brought us the new trend of mixing prints & patterns!

Mind you, I don’t like ALL mixed patterned outfits, but you know my rule: if your hair and make up are done and you wear the look with confidence, you can rock it!

Here is what I found to work best when attempting this radical pairing:

1. Stripe + Print + statement necklace.

This formula will save you time! Go ahead and mix other prints, but stripes are easiest of all to match with other prints & patterns. A statement necklace works to pull your outfit together, and in and of itself has been a huge trend over the last year.

*extra tidbit: stripes + floral = go to.

Mixing Patterns @splattershare

2. Mix different sized prints.

A pinstriped suit can be worn with anything, right? That’s because the fine stripes give the appearance of a solid, neutralizing the pattern. The size of the pattern is crucial. A fine print can be easily paired with a bolder one, but if both prints are identical in size….well good luck with that!

*extra tidbit: pattern + print is easier to pull off than 2 prints or 2 patterns

Mixing patterns @splattershare   Mixing patterns @splattershare

3. Cut above all!

Wear tailored pieces which fit you well , and speak for themselves. You don’t want to look frumpy.

Mixing Patterns @splattershare


So go ahead and enjoy fashion & take some fashion risks! Now you can shop in your own closet and create new outfits using pieces you didn’t think went together.


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