Oscars 2015 – Red Carpet Round Up

This year’s red carpet was stunning! Lots of very classic and feminine silhouettes, accentuating the waist and lengthening the body. No colour was off limit and as you’ll notice below we saw an entire gradient of nudes, creams, and pinks, and all the way to bold reds and timeless navy and blacks.

Cream & Blush:

cream and pale pink oscars 2015

Pinky Nudes:

nude pink glitz oscars 2015

Hint of Blue:

baby blue and white oscars 2015

The Green Family:

I have to say, the colour of America Ferrera’s dress brings out her olive skin tone perfectly. The cinched in waist combined with the loose A-line is extremely flattering, and topped off with the contrasting accessories is super modern.

yellows and greens oscars 2015

Deep Hues:

blues and puples oscars 2015

Fiery Reds:

red 2 oscars 2015

Appliqués, Embelishments, and Dark Glam:dark navy glam oscars 2015

Glamorous Curves and Princesses: 

dark a line princess glam oscars 2015

If these are the gowns, I can’t wait for the show!


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