Narciso Rodriguez Vs. London Times

I recently came across this orange Narciso Rodriguez dress on Harper’s Bazaar, and it came with a whopping price tag of $1895 find it here.


That’s a lot of money! Yes it’s beautiful, but it’s more than rent.

Below is I dress I own. It’s a London Times dress which I found at Winner a few years ago. To my American friends Winners is equivalent to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Mine of course didn’t cost that much. How much did I pay? $20! Yup. It’s cheap no matter how you look at it, but seeing this Narciso Rodriguez, I now feel extra special. I scored a fantastic deal, and this dress has served me well over the years. I wear it to the office, and to meetings quite often. It’s a simple go-to, just add a blazer and heals and you’re good to go.

Narciso Rodriguez Vs. London Times @splattershare


Now that’s smart fashion!


I wanted to share this find with you. Let me know what cheap awesomeness you’ve come across lately!


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