Money & Your Fall Wardrobe

My blog is not sponsored by anyone and I have no incentive to encourage you to go and buy something. This blog is an honest reflection of my frugal but fashion-focused thoughts. I love saving money much more than spending it, which might sound counterintuitive, but forces me to be more creative. As I look in my closet and think about what I need to add to it to transition into the fall, I just can’t help but think that I have so many outfits I’ve never worn hiding in my own closet already.

We all know the feeling of staring in your jam-packed closet, bursting at the seams, and having nothing to wear. This is the result of clutter. If you have too much crap you will not be able to actually see what you have and make use of it – therefore less is more. The less you have, the more familiar you are with what you have and the more you can make use of it. Less clothes doesn’t mean less outfits. When your closet is full and you’re not sure what it is you have, you fall back on the small portion of familiar clothes anyways, and only wear a small percentage of your awesome wardrobe. So get rid of items you haven’t worn in the last year, and start fresh! It’s all about efficiency! Fewer beautiful pieces will serve you better than a closet full of mishmash. Spend your money on fewer, but better quality pieces which you will get the most use out of.

That being said, how DO you transition from one season to the next without adding more clutter? Well lucky for us the fashion world is catching up to this thought. Instead of introducing entirely separate lines which are strictly SS or FW designers are now understanding that we spend most weekdays in temperature controlled environments. It is now the acceptable norm in the fashion industry to carry certain pieces through various seasons.

I remember when I was a student in the winter and had to walk all across campus, bundling up and layering was crucial! I would go through heavily heated buildings and back into the cold – being able to take layers on and off was necessary. Now that I work in an office environment, the maximum time I spend outdoors in the winter on a weekday, is probably the 30 seconds walking from my car into the building, and back.

The main difference between every SS and FW is the colour pallet, and fabric density. Sure maybe some maxi & beach dresses will not make it into the fall – keep them for next summer, but most pieces in your wardrobe are actually more useful than you would think – Jeans, skirts, and knee length/work dresses work perfectly.

Jeans: pair with a long sleeve tee and a cool fall scarf to transition into fall. Long sleeve tees are the perfect piece to have in any wardrobe. You can easily dress up a long sleeve tee just like you would a short sleeve one, with awesome statement jewelry and a polished skirt or pair of dress pants.

Skirts/Dresses: Simple. Add cardigan, jacket, and boots or booties. Done.

*Bonus: Chambray pieces are still in! So go ahead, carry over your statement necklaces, chambray shirts, and midi skirts.

What I’m getting at is less is more. Clean out your closet and try to invest in truly versatile pieces. Don’t go and buy a lot of random pieces just to freshen up your closet. Think about an essential staple which will serve you well all season long. What will you get the most use out of? Maybe a pair of everyday booties for work? Personally I would invest in a leather jacket – it’s a chic yet classic piece which will pull together any outfit, and is worth the investment. Don’t fall victim to our culture of over indulgence and consumerism. Trust me, shopping in your own closet is way better!


I did get a leather jacket! And yes it’s orange! Black looks way to harsh on me, and orange is a wonderful colour for fall. I could have gone with a neutral other than black, but why not stand out!

Money & Your Fall Wardrobe @splattershare Money & Your Fall Wardrobe @splattershare



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