Mode Accessories

Oh my gosh what a show!!!

This year was my first year attending the Mode Accessories show and I totally felt like a kid in a candy store! So many beautiful things everywhere, such interesting and unique pieces, and just a great overall atmosphere. I already can’t wait for next year. The show was massive so I’m going to keep this super brief and just mention a few cool brands I came across today:

1. Saraswati Jewelry 

I loved the serene feel of these pieces. The theme was very much boho, with lots of cool brassy bracelets, rings, and light layering necklaces.  I noticed a lot of blue precious stones as well which was just perfect! It made me want to walk on the beach in a light flowy dress and lots of layered jewelry (soon Canada, soon…).

saraswati2          saraswati3saraswati4saraswati


2. Ayala Bar 

This line blew my mind!! I have never seen such intricate beading, use of materials, and just flawless colour pairing. These pieces are made in Israel by Ayala Bar, with each line being exclusive. When they’re gone they’re really gone and actually become collector’s items or vintage. You will definitely not run into any one else wearing the same necklace or pair of earnings, and each one is an absolute conversation starter.

ayala bar 1 ayala bar 2 ayala bar 3ayala bar 4

3. Jeanne Lottie 

I loved seeing Jeanne Lottie’s spring bags – lot’s of pastels and of course whites. Wonderful designs and totally reasonable prices! The great thing is these bags are available in lots of places including Brown’s Shoes and Capezio Shoes.

Jeanne Lottie elizabeth Jeanne Lottie maine  Jeannie Lottie londonJeanne Lottie yorkville



You can check out the above brands online at the links provided, I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

     There are many more beautiful brands I learned about at this show, and I’ll be incorporating them into future posts so look out!


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