Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® COLOR

I have to tell you about this lipstick, or lip stain rather.
A friend told me about it a while ago. She claimed that it stays on all night. What are the chances of a color staying on your lips after you eat, drink, kiss, or whatever else you do? But I figured I’d try it. It only cost $12 so I didn’t have too much to lose but potentially a new favorite to gain!

This lipstick is available in 30 different wonderful shades (click on picture for link). The one I’m wearing is ‘Keep up the Flame’ #025, but I have a feeling I’ll be adding more to my collection. This lipstick has 2 sides to it. One is the actual colour, and the other is the hydrating balm. After applying the colour your lips will feel a bit dry but that’s ok. Make sure the color dries completely and then apply the balm, which will hydrate your lips and add shine.

Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® COLOR @splattershare

So now that you’ve applied your favorite shade, are the claims true? Will it really stay on all night?? I tested it. As you know from my “Cirque du Soleil in Toronto” post, I went out with my family and wore this lipstick. Needless to say, I had to kiss them all! We also had some food and drinks. We laughed, we talked, we smiled for pictures – plenty of lip movement! And let me tell you my lipstick stayed on! I couldn’t believe it either. It doesn’t budge, it just lasts and lasts. So you better gift it to all your annoying aunts that leave red lips on your cheeks and stop dreading their arrival. This stuff is for real.

Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® COLOR @splattershare

Is it permanent you ask? How will I take it off if it’s got such staying power? Good questions my friends! Quite frankly, I use Vaseline and it works wonderfully! Put some Vaseline on a cotton pad and rub it off. I find that Vaseline is great at getting all the colour off so you don’t have to go to sleep wearing makeup. Although it wouldn’t rub off or anything, so you might look quite glam… 😉

Maybelline SUPERSTAY 24® COLOR @splattershare remove lipstick with Vaseline!

Have you tried any Maybelline Color stay colours yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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