The power of social media is enormous, and I love when we harness that power for good!

There is currently a famine in Africa, which was brought on by one of the worst droughts in history. This means that as we sit here millions of people are starving to death on the other side of the world. But the good news is that we can help!!

It all started with this tweet by Jerome Jarre:

Turkish Airlines heard the message, and support started to flow in. With heavyweights like Ben Stiller and an army of YouTubers by his side, this mission started to gain some serious traction.

I urge you to support their mission, or any of the other relief groups working to bring aid and relief to the situation. We can achieve incredible things when we come together. Let’s help our fellow citizens of the world!

Have a look at the links below to find out how you can help.





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