Headband Series #3 A Lovely Romantic Bun

Hello loves! It’s day 3 of Headband Series. In case you missed the other 2 you can check them them out here and here.

Today I have another beautiful Pink Pewter Headband perfect for your hump day! This one is so ornate and festive it makes me think of weddings, sophistication, and of course the floral motif is very reminiscent of glamorous vintage. Here it is:

white jewles pink pewter @splattershare

 Beautiful, right?! 

So how do you wear something so fancy? Well there’s really no need to be fussy. Effortless but put-together is the name of the game. A simple romantic bun looks beautifully and flirty and takes no time to achieve.

The Steps:

1. Separate your hair into 2 parts. Preferably 60%-40% but really just depending on your part.

2. Braid the larger part starting from one side and bringing it all the way over to the other side – secure it for now.

3. Simply twist the second and so far untouched part

4. Merge the braid and the twist together, by twisting them around each other and into a bun. At this point, feel free to secure your bun with an elastic or with beautiful pins to take it up a notch.

5. …You’re done! You can make this hairstyle as casual or as dressy as you like by simply playing with the neatness and effort you put into your braid.

white jewles pink pewter 2 @splattershare

The result:
pink pewter white jewels headband @splattershare
This will work great if you’re in a hurry and feel like trying something new, or for an awesome night out! Pop in your Pink Pewter headband and you’re glamorous!


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