Headband Series #2 The Making Of A Sock Bun

If you’ve read yesterday’s post you know we’re re-purposing the beautifully bejeweled Pink Pewter bracelet. What are we re-purposing it for you ask? Hair jewelry! More precisely to decorate our sock buns.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make your very own carefully crafted, luscious sock bun!

1. Yes you need a sock

Grab a sock, preferably in a neutral colour that won’t blind if it accidentally peeks through. Cut off the toes, and roll it in on itself. Make a high (very high!) ponytail and place it inside the rolled up sock.

hair bun steps 1 @splattershare2. Spread it around

Bend forward and separate your hair such that it falls evenly all around the sock and secure it with another elastic.

Once you’ve done that, if your hair is longer like mine, just twist the pieces all around the bun and secure them with bobby pins.

hair bun steps 2 @splattershare3. Dress it up!

And finally, to amp up the sock in your hair, decorate it with a beautiful Pink Pewter piece and adjust the size as needed based on your hair.

pink pewter sock bun with hair jewlery @splattershareEnjoy looking beautiful!



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