Headband Series #1 An Intro!

Hi lovelies!

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. The time has come for me to share my awesome new Pink Pewter headbands with you, along with some simple hairstyles. These headbands are so gorgeous that they dress up any hairstyle, or lack thereof.

I’ve been playing with them all weekend but I first wore one to work this morning, and let me tell you, if you need an ego boost – wear Pink Pewter headbands! I can’t remember the last time I received this many compliments! These headbands are certainly unique and grab your attention, not to mention sparkly. Everyone loves sparkly.

Pink Pewter was kind enough to send me 4 samples of their beautiful pieces, and I intend on sharing them with you all week long!! The brand has a huge celeb following, and it’s no wonder with each piece being so beautifully unique and emanating the passion and love-for-the-art put into it. They are widely distributed internationally, and in Canada they can be found at Trade Secrets, or online at Amazon.ca

today's wild colour combo @splattershare


Nail Polish: Sally Hansen – Electric Emerald 

I love braids! And there are a million and one different hairstyles you can create with them. Today I went for the simplest of all – a side braid. I braided all of my layers together, and just curled the strands at the front to add interest and frame my face. This look is definitely office appropriate – or at lest I hope so, since that’s where I wore it!

Structurally speaking, these headbands are genius. They are elasticized so they stay on and don’t slide off all day. The backside is made of a super soft felt, which not only feels comfortable on your head but also doesn’t catch your hair making if easy to take on and off.

pink pewter brown headband @splattershare

ootd blue sweater black skirt olive nails nad pink pewter bracelet @splattershare

Boots: Steve Madden, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Sweater: J.Crew

 As you can see above, I wore both a headband and matching bracelet. The lovely bracelet is adjustable, and you can very simply make it larger and smaller as needed. Which led me to finding another purpose for it! But more on that tomorrow morning 😉 


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