Gather Adventures! A Not-So-Hidden Gem

I have discovered a new gem, and although this store has been around for years now, it was a first for me because I have never been to Bowmanville before. Bowmanville is about 45 min East of the city, and it sure looks like I’ll be coming back!

The store I’m talking about is Gather, and it is the cutest boutique I have been to! All of the items are hand selected by the lovely Karen, and are all unique in their own right.

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

How pretty is she?!

Karen doesn’t buy entire lines necessarily, or even outfits that are meant to be worn together. She uses her personal style, intuition, and love of fabulous things to source individual pieces that will appeal to her customers.

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareWhat I personally loved about this store, aside from the fact that it’s huge and you feel like a kid in a candy store, is the fact that as different and unique as the items are they are not outrageous and you can picture yourself wearing everything. There is an interesting story when it comes to every piece in the store. If you pick Karen’s brain she can tell you where everything was made and how it found its place into her store. The prices are not cheap but are completely affordable, and definitely reflect the excellent quality! Not to mention that the chances of someone else wearing the same outfit are slim!

Karen and I had a blast trying on a bunch of awesome outfits, and of course I couldn’t leave the store empty handed…

Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

It was a damask & jacquard kind of day…
Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareGather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareGather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare  This sweater was super comfy and had this great detail in the back:Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

And to add to all of the aforementioned awesomeness, there are quotes displayed all around the store, adding to the feel-good experience:

inspirational quotes in Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershareKaren - Gather Boutique in Bowmanville - @splattershare

I had a total blast shopping at Gather. Karen, thank you for spending the afternoon and sharing your wonderful store with me!

Ladies, I highly recommend you check this place out! Fellas, there is an incredibly comfy chair for you at Gather!


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