Fun With Washi Tape (part 2) โ€“ Beautiful Stationary

As promised here’s part 2 with more Washi Tape awesomeness!! Click here for Part 1.

1. Clip It

Beauty in the most unexpected places brings a smile to your face. If you use binder clips, whether at the office or at home, decorate them with Wahi Tape for a fun pop of colour that is sure to brighten your notes!

washi tape binder clips @splattershare

2. Tape Every Surface

This started off being the most ordinary notebook, but with my 4 beautiful Washi Tapes this notebook is now special! You can create any pattern you like…on any surface which pleases you.

notebook washi tape @splattershare

3. Bookmark it all

Instead of using scrap paper or an old receipt, to mark your pages, how about cute bookmarks? I chose fun magazine cutouts which I stuck onto card-stock and decorated with a variety of Washi Tapes.

Tip: stick on tape first, cut to shape second.

bookmarks washi tape 2 @splattershare

Enjoy crafting, lovelies! There just might be a part 3!


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