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Here’s what you need to know:  Washi Tape is the best and with it you can craft anything!!! Thanks to the magic of twitter Prairie Charms reached out to me to participate in their blogger challenge, and I am so happy to do so! Just so you know the Washi Tape came in beautiful packaging, but I was far too eager to open the package to take any pictures of it, so you’ll just have to trust me on that – it was fab! And on another beautiful note Prairie Charms strives to make a difference by donating 25% of profits to Make-A-Wish, and you know how much I love companies that do good, which made me even more excited to participate in this challenge! I know you must already be falling in love with Prairie Charms, especially if you’ve checked their website. Now, before you get too worried thinking that Prairie Charms is located in the U.K. and there must be no way for you to get your hands on it (like I did) – worry not! They ship internationally, and their prices are great.  

If you’re not familiar with Washi Tape, it’s essentially decorative masking tape. It’s the perfect combination of ribbon and adhesive tape. It’s super easy to tear and manipulate, or cut for perfect edges. It’s the ideal pop of colour for any surface. As soon as I opened it I saw so many opportunities to just tape everything that I had to break this challenge into 2 parts. For this first one, here are a few homey ideas, perfect for a hostess gift!

 1. Kitchen Helpers

Like I said, I just started taping EVERYTHING and my kitchen was first! I love the idea of placing kitchen utensils in decorative pails or jars. You can use a glass jar from anything in your fridge – mine’s from pickles (really thoroughly rinsed of course). Don’t be afraid to mix patterns to create the perfect decorative look, and style to your heart’s content. Use the same tape on on the utensils to create cohesion, and add ribbon to tie it all together. hostess gift washi tape @splattershare

 2. Love Container

This is actually the box the tape came in. It started off being a brown kraft coloured box (wrapped and ribboned). I simply painted it with white acrylic, and added this adorable heart tape. The size is perfect for little knick knacks or tea-lights- which you can also decorate with this awesome washi tape. box and candles washi tape @splattershare

3. Flower Power

Who doesn’t love receiving a potted flower?? A flower pot lends itself perfectly and is pretty much asking to be decorated! By creating or adding to existing items you’re able to customize and create one-of-a-kind gifts the hostess is sure to love! flower pot @splattershare

Whether for a gift or for yourself Prairie Tape’s Washi Tape is just perfect!

Stay tuned for part 2 for beautified stationary!


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