From Unwanted Shirt to Tote Bag

Hi Lovelies!

I have a super quick DIY for you today, that’s both cute and doesn’t require any new materials… which means free!

I had this tank top which has definitely seen better days. I really liked it but it was already too faded to be worn outdoors, and I didn’t feel that in was in a good enough condition to be donated.

You could of course recycle fabric at certain locations where the cloth gets used for rags or upcycled, but I wanted to extend the life of this shirt by just a bit more.

shirt before tote bag

Step 1:

Turn the shirt inside out

shirt tote bag thread

Step 2:

Stitch the bottom of the shirt shut (say that 5 times fast!). I did this by hand, and it really didn’t take very long. Just make sure you place the stitches close together to strengthen the seam

shirt tote bag seam

Step 3:

Turn right side out and enjoy! The straps are your handles, and the seam you sewed will serve as the base of your tote.


shirt tote bag

I already used my tote today and I love it! It folds up super small, since it’s just a cotton tank, so you can throw it in your bag when you go shopping and avoid using plastic!

shirt tote bag. Exciting!

shirt tote bag. on shoulder 2

Yay for upcycled green things!!!


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