Emma Watson is 25!! & Always Best Dressed!

It’s hard to believe that the birthday girl, Emma Watson, is turning only 25!

Here’s a look at why we love, adore, and look up to Emma so much!


In her quarter century of awesomeness she’s certainly achieved a lot, and earned a whole bunch of awards along the way.  In December of 2014 receiving the British Style Icon Award at the British Fashion Awards (well deserved!).

 Emma Watson British Fashion Awards


Most recently this classy gal has taught us that Feminism isn’t a bad word, and started a real and worldwide conversation with her HeForShe campaign as a UN ambassador.

Emma Watson HeForShe UN Embassador


And although her style has certainly evolved throughout the years she’s remained elegant and classy through it all.

Emma WAtson Classic!


Growing up in front of the camera can’t be easy, but Emma managed to remain down to earth and Get an education along the way in English literature

 Emma Wastson Grad


Showing up to out city’s (Toronto’s) Film Festival in the cutest outfit making me wish I had run into her became her bff and got to raid her closet!

Emma Watson Tiff 2


The most stunning red carpet gowns

Emma Watson Beautiful red Carpet NOah


Mesmerizing natural beauty! Showing girls everywhere that it’s OK to bear your bare face in public, because guess what? You’re beautiful!

Emma Watson Beautiful no makeup


Everyday style inspiration

Emma Watson Casual Chic style inspo


The things she says are more admirable than the things she wears

Emma Watson Quotes

Happy birthday Emma!


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