Dressing up a T-shirt

T-shirts have been huge lately! And with that many ways to wear them. I’ve been noticing lots of printed tees but that’s not my style. I feel they are too young and are more of a teenage look. I do love the versatility of a T-shirt though. You just have to make sure it’s got a few details which are unique and add visual interest. That’s the key to creating multiple outfits, and different looks using the same piece.

This is an outfit I actually wore to the office. It’s age appropriate – there’s no reason to look stuffy at the office! Of course the environment you work in makes a difference – I work in one where business casual attire is perfectly appropriate.

The look:

I got this T-shirt at Smart Set. It’s perfectly casual, but what sets it apart is the slanted striped pattern, and the neckline. I love the neckline! It provides visual interest making it easier to dress up. The deep V elongates your neckline and lengthens your figure. Definitely important when you’re 5″2!

I paired this T-shirt with a classic black pencil skirt, and my go-to Nine West black pumps.

And of course jewelry! A cool pendant on a gold chain pulls it all together.

Dressing up a T-shirt @splattershare


Dressing up a T-shirt @splattershare

Send me some of the ways you dress up your tees!


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