This dress is so funky cool! I own so much French Connection clothing it’s ridiculous. What I love about FCUK is that their clothes are always different, and interesting. This dress for example, what a neat pattern! And not only that, but the shape of it is great. It is completely covered up up top, but still sexy because it’s formfitting and has a slit along the thigh.

Click for link to buy – Bonus, it’s on sale right now!

Date night! In an FCUK SHADOW DANCE JERSEY DRESS @splattershare

Shoes: Zalin

Earnings: vintage

Here’s what I did with my make up:

Make up before and after


For my face, I started by evening out the canvas with Almay’s smart shade CC cream foundation. I find that it has good coverage, but feels light at the same time. Next I applied Marcelle Monochromatic Bronzer along my cheekbones and a little on my forehead where the sun would normally hit. It’s a natural enough shade, that I don’t feel you can only wear it on a warm summer day. I wore it in the evening. The brush that I used to apply my bronzer is by a brand called Mistura. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you can check them out here:


makeup - everything! @splatterhare yup it's that simple!

For my eyes, I started by applying Stila’s Latte eye shadow all over my eyelid. This shade is the best! It’s so natural and classy that it’s the perfect base for any colour pallet. Next I applied Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up highlighter underneath my brow and in the corner of my eye. Here is something I don’t normally do: I applied Stila’s bronze eye liner across my lash line in a thicker line, followed by my usual black Annabelle liquid eyeliner very thinly just at the root of my eyelashes. I finished the look off by filling in my eyebrows with a soft brown pencil, and my favorite mascara in the whole world, L’oreal Voluminous. 



For my lips I used a simple clear gloss. I used one that I got in Israel, but you can of course use any one you favour best!

Happy Glamming up!


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