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I recently finished reading “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. Don’t worry this isn’t a book report or even a book review, but I do want to tell you about the sentiment this book left me with. I took my time reading it because every time I sat down to read it gave me a boost of energy and made me want to work towards leading a better, more fulfilling life. More specifically it took me so long to read it because I read this book on my lunch breaks at work, while sitting outside and enjoying beautiful weather, which too of course contributed to my feeling of rejuvenation. “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” is a beautiful story and a guide to improving one’s life by stopping to smell the roses.

we are what we repeatedly do

The book is a narrative in which a former hotshot lawyer, who suffered a heart attack and stopped to reassess his life, describes his spiritual journey and his metamorphosis in the Himalayan mountains to a fellow litigator. I’m sure we can all relate to each and every lesson, but what stood out to me the most is the one about daily acts of kindness. It is the simplest non-change one can make. Being kinder, and more empathetic will make your life better, but it doesn’t take anything to start. I’m not asking you to start waking up at 4:30, or meditate every day – which would be fantastic but also require more effort. What I’m taking about is going on about your day with a tad more awareness.

We are so consumed in our own first world problems that we don’t stop to look around. I’m not saying that your problems aren’t important. They are. We each face obstacles that seam insurmountable to us, but a sure way to instantly feel better is to put a smile on someone else’s face. You will be surprised how simple it is to make someone smile. Talking to someone can mean a world of difference. Whether it is someone who might be lonely, or facing depression, or simply the person stuck in an elevator with you, say hello. Make conversation. Feeling cared about feels good. Call your parents, don’t act annoyed when your grandparents forget something, don’t avoid the homeless man you see on the street, or whatever you think will improve someones’s day or life. There are a million ways to do good, and to add more kindness to your day and the days of others. Being more compassionate towards others is a great start.

Whether it is something monetary like paying forward for a cup of coffee or a small gift, or something intangible, it all starts with a simple thought. Start your days with the intent to do something good. Every act of kindness comes back tenfold in the most unexpected ways. So go out there, be good, and have a fabulous day tomorrow!


the purpose of life is the life of purpose


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