Creating the Perfect Red Lipstick!

Hello lovelies!!

I hope you’re enjoying spring and having fun with lighter layers and fun colours!!

Today I want to talk about the quintessential part of any beauty toolkit – the red lip!!

From classic Hollywood glamour to modern day cool, the red lip will forever maintain its allure, and will continue to brighten the faces and moods of women everywhere. Of course there are as many red lipstick shades as there are beautiful women, and finding the ‘perfect’ one can be daunting. I am here to tell you, or perhaps to remind you, that creating your own is perfectly acceptable and leads to fabulous results. Think of all the different colour lipsticks that are hiding in your makeup collection, and think about how many more possibilities there would be if you began to mix some of them and create brand new shades! That’s exactly what I did recently and here is the result:

the perfect red 3

To me this shade is perfect! It’s muted yet bright, and can be easily worn during the day with a simple eye, or glamorously played up at night. The perfect red lip 2

*TIP: Outline your lips when applying a bright colour. Not only will it be easier to stay within the lines when applying, but your lipstick will hold and last longer too. You can use a lip-liner or a lipstick brush dipped in the same lipstick you’re using.

Outlining my lips was actually the catalyst for this look. I started with Mistura Beauty’s Ultimate Lip Liner in Molten. I didn’t have a lipstick to perfectly match this darker brick colour so I filled my lips in entirely. Although it’s a beautiful colour on its own, I was looking for something brighter. I proceeded to apply Annabelle’s Twistup Retractable Stick Crayon in Monroe on top and ended up with the perfect red, along with the perfect outline!!

This combination was also extremely hydrating a look I’ll definitely be sporting again!

The two lipsticks

What’s your perfect red?

tools for the perfect red lip



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