Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha

I think everyone should know about this shoe! The Nine West Rocha.

This is the best $100 you’ll spend. I have plenty of shoes which are adorable at first but you can’t actually get any use out of them because your feet kill after a few hours (if that). I got the burgundy ones a couple of years ago, at the time because they were on sale, and have pretty much lived in them since. This is an excellent work shoe because it’s stylish, gives you enough height to work really well with pencil skirts due to the small platform and 3.5″ heel, and most importantly comfortable. I love the shape of the toe too – it’s not too pointy, which I find too sexy for the office, but it’s not too round, which I find boring and old fashioned. It’s just right!

This is the time of year when many shoes go on sale, and I love saving money, but this is one thing I will not compromise on, and $100 for a pair of shoes is great anyway! I just got the black ones, and I have a feeling they will have a good life.


Whenever you buy clothes or shoes always keep in mind the “Cost Per Wear”. If the shoe is $500 but you only ever wear it 5 times, that’s $100 per every time you wear it. If a shoes is $100 but you wear it 100 times over its life that’s $1 per every time you wear it. This should help you justify future purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Nine West!

I’m definitely getting the nude ones next…that’s why they’re facing the other way. They aren’t part of the group yet ;).

Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha  Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha  Crazy about these shoes! #nwrocha



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